Grants received by the Library

  Ruia Library has a distinguished Rare collection that comprises of 5855 documents belonging to 18th, 19th and early 20th Centuries. Along with books, this collection also has some rare Manuscripts and Government records etc. “Memoirs relative to the state of India” written by Warren Hastings, published in 1786, is the oldest printed book and “श्रीशतप्रश्नी” is the oldest handwritten manuscript in this collection.

A major Research Project for Digitization of selected Rare Books and Manuscripts was proposed to National Archives of India(NAI). As a matter of great pride, Ruia College Library has so far received the Grant for this projectthree times since year 2012. This has been the very first time in history of Ruia Library that it received a grant for a Research Project and that too from a renowned Central Government agency like NAI. Added to that, Ruia College was the only institution chosen from the state of Maharashtra for this grant.


Memoirs_relative_to_the_state_of_India Written by Warren Hastings, Published in 1786


“श्रीशतप्रश्नी”manuscript Written in 1800

"Memoirs_relative to the state of India"

Written by Warren Hastings, Published in 1786


श्रीशतप्रश्नी manuscript Written in 1800

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