Admission 2022-23
Prof. Anushree Lokur

Email :

Gender : Female

Designation : Principal

Department : Microbiology

Total Research Students : 19

Total Research Projects : 3


Date of Joining : -

About :

Dr. Anushree Lokur has a vast experience of 34 years in teaching. She is a passionate teacher and loves to guide the curious minds. She has been working on microbial detection and miniaturization of assays using Lab on paper & lab on Chip. She has keen interest in antimicrobial resistance, antimicrobial peptides & proteins & Microbial biofilms. She has one patent in the field of microfluidics and one filed in the field of Lab on paper. She has 13 research papers published in peer reviewed international journals. She strongly believes in encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship. She has been pivotal in the department's initiatives for holistic growth of students.

Research Area :

Lab on paper and lab on chip, Antimicrobial resistance, Biofilms

No. Degree/Diploma Institute/ Organization Year Branch/Specialization
1 Ph.D.  (Doctor of Philosophy ) Microbiology 2017 Comparative Studies of Lab on Chip and Lab on Paper for Microbial Detection
2 M.Phil  (Master of philosophy ) Microbiology 1992 Effect of Cellulomonas cellasea MP5 and Cellulases on H2S Production and Cell Population of Sulpahte Reducing Bacterium Desulfovibrio gigas V3
3 M.Sc.  (Master of Science ) Microbiology 1985 Microbiology from University of Pune
Title Type Level Venue Organizing Institute From-To Relevant Link
Leadership Development Program Organized by UKIERI UGC for skill Development Institutes Training Attended National 29/02/2016 - 05/03/2016
Australia-India Vocational Education Leadership Training Program Training Attended International 05/04/2017 - 07/04/2017
Paper Title Journal Title Year Author(As Per Paper) Volume No Issue Page ISSN DOI Impact Factor Level Relevant Link
Low cost PDMS based model system for biofilm studies International Journal of Academic Research and Development 2018 Anushree Lokur, Tushar Dhamale, Gayatri Kulkarni, Ravindra Phadke 3 2 0-0
β - Galactosidase assay on microfluidic paper - based analytical devices (μPADs) Pharma Innovation Journal 2018 Lokur A 7(6) 0-0
Detection of Staphylococcus aureus using Lab-On-Chip Devices Online International Interdisciplinary Research Journal 2018 Lokur, A. 8(4) 22-29
Detection of Coliforms using Lab on Chip Devices Vegetos 2018 Lokur, A. 31(2) 136-139
Standardisation of Fabrication of Microfluidic Paper based Analytical Devices (µPADs) Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment 2018 Lokur Anushree 22 (10) 0-0
Detection of Anti-Quorum Sensing Activity of Rosemarinus Officinalis And Valeriana Officinalis Using Microbial Biosensor Strain International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research 2017 Biswas P, Lokur A 8(12): 5205-5214 0-0
Rapid detection of Staphylococcus aureus using paper based microfluidic Devices for resource limited settings International Journal of Advanced Research 2016 Lokur A., Phadke R., 4 26 0-0
Public Private Partnership in Higher Education in the Indian Context Athens: ATINER'S Conference Paper Series 2014 Pednekar, S., Lokur, A. and Pednekar S. No: EDU2014-0988. 0-0
Uccha Shikshanateel Avhane: Khasagi Bhagidari Shikshanvedh 2014 Anushree Lokur and Dr. Sonali Pednekar, Shikshanvedh Volume 4 5th Year, Oct-Nov 2014 0-0 978-81-927549-0-1
Title Inventor Applicant Applicant No Filling Date Award Date Patent No Relevant Link
Portable culture device Dr. Anushree Lokur Application number 201821024401
Araldite Epoxy Resin Coating Composition Charmi Chande, Anushree Lokur, Ravindra Phadke 310522
Type Title Of Article/Chapter Title Of Periodic Book Category Type Author Year Volume NO Name Of Publisher ISBN Level Relevant Link
Uccha Shikshanateel Avhane: Khasagi Bhagidari Shikshanvedh Anushree Lokur 2014
Value Added Specialisation (IPR) Bio-Spectrum Margi Choksi 2006
No. Type Title Name Prin. Inves./Co-Inves. Date From-To Funding Agency Fund Provided Govt/Non-Govt Dept. Prin. Investigator/Co.Inve. Date Saction-Completion Status Level Link
1 Catechewing Coli for International Genetically engineered machines Competition (iGEM) held in Boston, USA, in Oct. 2018 Co-PI 14/07/1905 - 14/07/1905 Department of Biotechnology (DBT) -
2 Standardisation of Lab on Paper devices for quantification of microorganisms PI 13/07/1905 - 13/07/1905 University of Mumbai, Minor Research Grant -
3 Detection of Anti-Quorum Sensing Activity of Rosemarinus Officinalis And Valeriana Officinalis Using Microbial Biosensor Strain PI 06/07/1905 - 06/07/1905 University of Mumbai, Minor Research Grant -