Admission 2023-24

Title: Invitation of Quotation for supply of following material


Quotations should be in the name of 'The Principal, S.P. Mandali's Ramnarain Ruia College' and should be submitted in sealed envelopes on or before, 7th April 2022 to the College office.






Low Volume Concentrator 30 Samples Model : EV‑Plus‑30


For Thirty samples each of maximum 10 ml

volume with timer    Microprocessor based water

bath with adjustable temperature as well as timer 

for purging Nitrogen Gas with individually controlled

sample concentration and pressure gauge.   

Model EV‑PLUS‑30

* Timer Range : 15   sec to 10 hours

* Time set up/down arrow keys (15 sec  increments)

* Temperature Range : Ambient to 90°

* Temperature set up/down keys (1° increment)

* Digital LCD display

* Gas Station : 3 Nos. with LED indication

* Sample per station :10

* Gas regulator range : 0 to 100 psi (approx.)

* Pressure gauge range : 0 to 100 psi

* Fully microproprocessor control

* Gas line : 3

* Water tanks capacity : 6.5 Ltr.


* S.S Rack 16mm x 100mm Test Tube


* Standard fittings like Nuts, Ferrules,Union,

   Couplings, clamps, Hardware etc.





  • High pressure gas manifold system (Manual) for two cylinder for Nitrogen gas
  • S.S braided pigtail of 1mt length for each cylinder with safety rope for Nitrogen gas 
  • Two stage cylinder regulator with fully S.S. body with S.S.316 diaphragm for Nitrogen Gas  

            Inlet pressure gauge: 0‑280 kg/cm2

             Outlet pressure gauge: 0‑14 kg/cm2

             Outlet connection : 1/8" & 1/4" ferrule fitting

            Inlet connection : 5/8" BSP Male (RHT), LHT (H2)



  • 1/4" SS Tubing For Nitrogen Gas
  • PVC casing caping for above tubing
  • 1/4" Gas distribution panel single stage with a toggle valve, pressure gauge & pressure regulator for Nitrogen gas.
  • Standard fittings like nuts, ferrules , union, couplings,clamps, hardware etc.