Admission 2022-23
Prof. Jessy Pius

Email :

Gender : Female

Designation : Professor & HOD

Department : Botany

Total Research Students : 08


Date of Joining : -

Research Area :

Plant Biotechnology, Mycology, Nanotechnology

No. Degree/Diploma Institute/ Organization Year Branch/Specialization
1 Ph. D.  (Philosophy of Doctorate ) Botany 1992
2 M.Phil  (Master of philosophy ) Botany 1988
3 CSIR-UGC NET  ( ) 1986
4 M.Sc.  (Master of Science ) Botany 1986
Paper Title Journal Title Year Author(As Per Paper) Volume No Issue Page ISSN DOI Impact Factor Level Relevant Link
Effect of different growth conditions on essential oil content from Cymbopogon martini (ROXB.) W. Watson and its application International Journal of Botany Studies 2021 Gauri Sawant, Jessy Pius 6 3 441-446 2455-541X International
LCMS/MS quantitation of catecholamines and their predecessors from Portulaca oleracea and Gomphrena globosa. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research 2021 M. Sandhya , P. Jessy and D. Shailesh 12 11 5874-5879 E-ISSN: 0975-8232; P-ISSN: 2320-5148 International DOI link:
Effect of plant derived epinephrine on Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Research Journal of Biotechnology 2021 Menon Sandhya, Pius Jessy , Palekar Sachin and G. Nandini 16 10 9-12 International
Effect of plant derived catecholamines on growth of Escherichia coli and Lactobacillus sp International Journal of Botany Studies 2020 Sandhya M, Jessy P 5 6 274-276 2455-541X International
omparative study of antioxidant activity of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) and gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) fabricated using different organic waste. International journal of research and analytical reviews 2019 Maurya, C. and Pius, J 6 2 306-309 2348-1269, E-ISSN 2349-5138 International
Comparison of photo catalytic activity of ecofriendly fabricated AgNPs and TiO2NPs International journal for scientific research and development 2018 Maurya C. Pius J. 6 8 222-224 2321- 0613 International
Comparative analysis ofoil glands, total terpenoids and essential oil content of Melissa officinalisgrown in different cultivation conditions Flora and Fauna 2017 Gauri Sawant and Jessy Pius 23 1 46-49 0971-6920 International
Effect of phyto-fabricated AgNPs on Chlorella sp. and Oscillatoria sp. Flora and Fauna 2017 Maurya, C. and Pius, J 23 1 61-64 0971-6920 International
Fungal diseases of vegetables grown in greenhouse Inter J Life Sci 2016 Sanchita Chaudhury, Jessy Pius, NaikVishwesh and Gaikavad Sneha A7 0-0 2320-7817eISSN:2320-964 International
Antifungal effect of phyto-fabricated silver nanoparticles International Journal of Life Sciences. 2016 Maurya, C. and Pius, J. A7 57-60 2320- 7817)/(eISSN:2320-964X) International
hlorpyrifos phytoremediation potential of Ixoracoccinea L. and Typhalatifolia L Sci. Re. Reporter 2016 BhavnaNarula, DhanashreeShukla, BhavnaNarula, Jessy Pius, Sunil Shankhadarwar, Behnaz Patel 6 3 70-76 2249-2321 International
Antifungal activity of Mirabilis jalapa. L against selected fungi Int. J Life Sciences 2016 Shrutika Kumtheka and Jessy Pius A7 61-65 2320-7817 International
omparative and phylogenetic analysis of six cluster bean varieties (Accessions) Sci. Re. Reporter 2016 Gauri S, Vinaya R, Behnaz P, Bhavna N, Jessy P, Sunil S 6 3 54-60 2249-2321, eISSN:2249-7846 International
Screening the members of Caryophyllales for Biogenic amine and its precursor Bionano frontier Bionano frontier 2016 Menon , S and Pius, J 9 2 194-196 0974-0678 International
ynthesis and characterisation of Titanium dioxide nano particles from organic waste and its effect on Cucumissativus Bionano frontie 2016 Maurya, C and Pius, J 9 2 226-228 0974-0678 International
Proteomics and RAPD analysis of different cultivars of Mirabilis jalapaL Bionano frontier 2015 Kumthekar S, Pius J and Rane V 161-163 974- 81-923628 International
HPTLC fingerprint profile and characterization of dopamine from different parts of four cultivars of Mirabilis jalapa L. Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research 2015 Shrutika Kumthekar and Jessy Pius ( 7 11 117-120 0975-7384 0.135 International
Biosynthetic potential of cultured tissues of Mirabilis jalapal., their phytochemical evaluation and antimicrobial activity. Bionano Frontier 2014 Kumthekar S and J.Pius 7 31-33 0974-0678 SJIF 4.856 International
Synthesis , characterization and antimicrobial activity of silver nanoparticles from Parmelia perlata(Huds)Ach Bionano Frontier 2014 Jessy Pius, Zaidi S, Pius J, Holla S and Maurya C 7 57-60 974-0678 SJIF 4.856 International
Silver nanoparticles – Chlorella Interaction: Effect on Metabolites, Biodiscovery 2014 Zaidi, S., Maurya, C., Sankhdarwar, S. and Pius, J 6 1-1 62-65 2231-024x 0.547 International
Silver nanoparticles- Chlorella interaction: effect on metabolites Bioscience Discovery 2014 Zaidi, S., Maurya, C., Sankhdarwar, S. and Pius, J. 6 1-1 62-65 2231-024X International
Non -linear dose response of a few plant taxa to acute gamma radiation Cytologia 2013 Vinaya Rane, Behnaz B Patel, Jessy Pius, Bhavna Narula, Sunil Shankadharwar 79 1 103-109 1348-7019 .274 International DOI
Influence of genotypes and phytohormones on somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration in finger millet Proceedings of Indian National Science Academy 1994 Pius, J. George, L.Eapen, S. and Rao P. S B60 B60 No.I 53-56 National
Evaluation of somaclonal and mutagen induced variation in finger millet Plant Breeding 1994 Pius, J. George, L.Eapen, S. and Rao P. S 112 236-243 ISSN 0179-9541 1.251 International
Enhanced plant regeneration in finger millet Rice Biotechnology Querterly 1993 Pius, J. George, L.Eapen, S. and Rao P. S 16 32-0 International
Isolation of sodium chloride cell lines and plants in fingermillet Biol. Plantarum 1993 Pius, J. George, L.Eapen, S. and Rao P. S 32 2 267-271 1.4 (scopus) International
Enhanced plant regeneration in pearl millet by ethylene inhibitor and cefotaxime Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Cultrure 1993 Pius, J. George, L.Eapen, S. and Rao P S 32 91-96 0167-6857 (Print) 1573-5044 2.2 International