Admission 2024-25

Self vision centre

A highly praise-worthy component of Ruia’s many student welfare activities is the Self-Vision Center that was set in 1995 to offer the best available facilities to its many visually challenged students, who, year after year, have given an excellent account of themselves in their pursuit of excellence in the academic field. Today, Ruia has about 60 visually challenged students who have easy access to advanced study facilities that help to enhance the quality of their performance. Under the ‘Higher Education Scheme for Persons with Special Needs’, Ruia has restructured and renovated the Self-Vision Center. The Self-Vision Centre naturally promises to bring a lot more enlightenment into the lives of those who will be empowered to live life on their own terms after they have stepped into the portals of Ramnarain Ruia College. The Self-Vision Centre celebrates the Louis Braille Day.