Admission 2022-23


1) The candidates are requested to join the meeting 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time..

2)  The candidates are requested to make a presentation of their proposal orally or through PPT ( 5 Slides ) at the time of interview..

3) Please upload all the mark sheets and other certificates in the admission form filled earlier.   ( Link has been reopened for editing only, please open the form using Edit response link in your email)

Schedule for Interviews 

Name of the Department Date of Interviews Start Time of Interviews Online Platform Link of the Meeting
BOTANY 15-06-21 3.00pm Google Meet
ZOOLOGY 16-06-21 3.00pm Google Meet
HISTORY 21-06-2021 10.00am Google Meet
HINDI 16-06-2021 11:00 Google Meet
CHEMISTRY 24-06-2021
Candidate nos. 01 to 18
10.00am Google Meet
CHEMISTRY 25-06-2021
Candidate nos. 19 onwards
10.00am Google Meet
PHYSICS 18-06-2021 11.00 AM Google Meet
LIFE SCIENCE 14-06-2021 3.00 PM Google Meet
MICROBIOLOGY 17-06-2021 3.00 PM Google Meet
BIOTECHNOLOGY 17-06-2021 2.00 PM Google Meet