Admission 2024-25



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Find your way through labyrinth of crosswords Can you escape this wordscape?Let's see

Among animals

Animal mafia seems amazing with a blend of among us ..make your way to not be sus..

Memo fomo

Thinking is the hardest work which is the probable reason why very few engage in it~ Henry Ford Come join us in this battle of wits and make sure to get your Intuition or tenet non-incepted... and make your way through the picture puzzles.

Talent search

Let that talent inside you burst out and shower us with entertainment

The Shutterbug

Clickety click click, let's see who clicks the best pic

Finding emo

Finding nemo was a thing apparently but can you find the emotions and words encoded in the emoticons.. let's see


We ask why what whoAnswers lie within you!Join us in our mind-boggling quiz.

Scavenger Hunt

Hunting of animals is illegal but you can always hunt locations on a map! Join us in a virtual scavenger hunt! It is not down on any map?True places never are!


Guest lectures will be given by eminent dignitaries

Link for Webinar on “Entrepreneurship and Skill development in Wildlife tourism and Photography’ by Mr. Amol Hendre

Link for Webinar on “Applications in Natural resource management and Disaster management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership development and Skills to manage daily life challenges.