Admission 2024-25




The event will go in sync to the VIRTUAL DALAL STREET event.The participants will have an opportunity to get their brands promoted which they have invested in and add a marketing scheme to it so that more people invest in it,simulating a real market experience.

● This is an online jingle-making competition.

● Pre-enrollment is mandatory.

● Each participant will be given 45 minutes to writea jingle on the product they choose.

● The jingle has to be musical.

● Each participant will get 50 seconds to displaytheir work in front of the audience and judges.

● The winner will be chosen on the basis ofcreativity,originality as well as how catchy thejingle is.

● No participant is allowed to use any kind ofobscenity,vulgarity or profanity in the jingle. Ifdone, the participant will be immediatelydisqualified.

● Plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated.

● Platform of the event will be informed eventually.

● Cameras should be kept on throughout the event.


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