Departmental Activities

Academic Year 2019-20

Intercollegiate Technical Festival TechStorm on 2nd & 3rd January 2020

TechStorm is an Intercollegiate IT Festival organized by the Department of Computer Science & Information Technology. TechStorm is an assortment of well-thought-out events catering to anyone and everyone who is more than just casually interested in computers. The events range from immensely challenging ones like Quiz in various CS Papers, Python Programming  to the ones that have more of an artistic appeal such as Poster Designing, Virtual Treasure Hunt etc. We also invite eminent speakers as guest lecturers to speak on modern technologies and developments in the IT industry and related fields. Students respond to every event by participating in large number. Our ultimate goal is to highlight a few known as well as some unknown fields in which the presence of computers or computing in general has made a positive difference.

This year TechStorm is going to be held on2nd and 3rd January 2020 whereby the theme presented is on “Fem ProTech” i.e; achieving women safety on all aspects with technical ideas.

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19th - 25th November 2019

Short Term Course on e-Content Development under the aegis of UGC HRDC, University of Mumbai Sponsored by RUSA

The Department of Computer Science & IT had organized a Short Term Course on e-Content Development under the aegis of UGC HRDC, University of Mumbai sponsored by RUSA from 19th - 25th November 2019. Total 31 teachers from various Colleges and Faculties across the state had participated in the course. Mr. Mahavir Advaya, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science & IT was appointed as the Course Coordinator. All the faculty members in the department managed the course very well. The course was well received and appreciated by all the participants. 
Information technology and the Internet are major drivers of research, innovation, growth and social change. The growth in Internet has brought changes in all walks of life including the education. The course was designed with an objective to enable the teachers to learn and adapt the 21st century skills. The course focused more on hands-on training to teach them the basics and technicalities required to create a rich and interactive e-content for the new age learners. 21st century children have grown up in a dynamic and technology driven environment. They are more inclined to find information by accessing the Internet through mobile phones and computers, or chatting with friends on social networking sites. The course included the following topics:Instructional Design ModelsUsing various screen recording tools like Camstudio & OpenshotLecture recording in studio with the help of camera & Mobile PhonesAudio-Video editing using Camtasia, Audacity & Openshot.Learning Management System Moodle to host their e-content in the form of pages, lecture videos, quizzes and sharing the content related to the subject.Open Educational Resources (using, creating, sharing)Other open online platforms like Edmodo, EliademyGoogle Apps in teaching-learning-evaluation.Information related to citation, citation index calculation, Common Creative licensesIntroduction to MOOCs and SWAYAM platform encouraging teachers to develop and launch their MOOCs on the Swayam Platform.

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Date /week/month

Target audience

Talk session on “The art of debugging and error solving” by Ocufox Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


T.Y.Bsc (Computer Science)

HR Interview Tips & Techniques

By Squad Infotech


TYBSc Computer Science


Careers in Python By Squad Infotech


SYBSc Computer Science

Career Guidance and Interviews for Intership by Commtex solutions Pvt Ltd


M.Sc. Comp Sci & IT




Academic Year 2018-19





1st & 2nd

Sep 2018

Workshop on Dynamic Website Development Using WordPress

Sagar Kure

Seva Web Solutions


29th & 30th

Oct 2018

Workshop on Advanced Python Framework - Flask

Sayali Yewale

Fosslipy Pvt Ltd


13th & 14th

Nov 2018

Workshop on I-SensoRobotics (Robotics)

(Physics, Computer Science)


Build My Project


24th & 25th

Feb 2019

 Inter-Collegiate – 27 Colleges

Seminar and workshop on AI & Data


Jaisingh Gupta

NorthStar Pvt LTs


8th & 9th

Mar 2019

Faculty Development Programme Workshop on Moodle & its Effective use in Teaching & Learning

Mandar Bhanushe

University of Mumbai


24th Dec 2018

Inter-collegiate IT Festival TechStorm’18 in Samnvay 2018




Academic Year 2017-18





13th & 14th Jan 2018

2 Day Workshop on Web Development Using Microsoft Azure, Agile Scrum, Trello, Slack

Mr. Clyde D’Souza

Software Consultant

Datacomm Systems Ltd Newzealand


20th & 21st Jan 2018

2 Days Workshop on Secure Programming (Software Development Life Cycle)

- Mr. Atul Jadhav, 9th Legend Inc


03rd & 04th Feb 2018

2 Days Workshop on Web Development using WordPress

Mr. Atul Jadhav, 9th Legend Inc


10th & 11th Feb 2018

2 Days Workshop on IOT using Raspberry Pi with 5 Project Designing

Embedded Technologies



Jan 2018

Educational Visit to IISER and IITM, Pune -




Academic Year 2016-17






July 2016

Workshop on Gofer Programming

Dr. Jayant Kirtane

Former Head,

Dept of Computer Science

Pune University



Aug 2016

Workshop on Pre-Placement Training

Mr. Vinay Raikar

Campus Credentials


7th to 12th Nov 2016

6 Days Short Term Course on Hibernate & Spring

Mr. Zartab Nakhwa

Asterisk Solution


6th to 9th Mar 2017

4 Days Training on Web Development Using PHP

Mr. Atul Jadhav

9th Legend Inc



Mar 2017

FDP on Using Google Apps in Teaching Learning for College Faculties

Mr. Atul Jadhav

9th Legend Inc





  • Inventions, Technology, Emerging Projects in IT, Dr. P. G. Sarang ,CEO, ABCOM
  • Game Development, Mr. Xavier Lemaitre, HOD, DSK Supinfogame
  • Cracking Aptitude Test & Interviews, Seed Infotech
  • Android Development, ATS Infotech
  • MSc Project Orientation, Dr. Seema Purohit


  • Autonomous Embedded Robotics, YUPS Technology
  • Spoken Tutorial in Python and PHP, Spoken Tutorial, IIT Mumbai
  • HTML5 & CSS, HNR Tech
  • 3 days Basic Computer Course for Non-Teaching Staff of Ruia, Mahavir Advaya
  • Job Skill Development, Mr. Vinay Raikar, Campus Credentials
  • 6 Days Hibernate & Spring in Java, Asterix Solution
  • GOFER Programming, Dr. Jayant Kirtane, Former HOD, Pune University
  • Spoken Tutorial – Python, IIT Mumbai
  • Spoken Tutorial – C, IIT Mumbai
  • 4 Days Web Development using PHP, Mr. Atul Jadhav, 9th Legend Inc
  • 2 Days Using Google Apps in Teaching & Learning, Mr. Atul Jadhav, 9th Legend Inc.
  • Web Development Using Microsoft Azure, Agile Scrum, Trello, Slack and other tools, Mr. Clyde D’Souza,  Software Consultant, Datacomm Systems Ltd, Newzealand
  • Secure Programming (Software Development Life Cycle), Mr. Atul Jadhav, 9th Legend Inc.
  • Web Development using WordPress, Mr. Atul Jadhav, 9th Legend Inc..
  • Workshop on IOT using Raspberry Pi with 5 Project Designing, Embedded Technosolutions, Alumni’s Forum of IIT & VJTI.

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