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The Degree of Bachelor of Science in Zoology is a three-year duration course with a total of six semesters. The Master’s Degree in Zoology is a two-year course with a total of six semesters, which highlights two specializations, Animal Physiology and Oceanography by papers. The Theory and Practical Examinations are conducted twice a year, one in each semester. The Continuous evaluation also includes internal class tests, assignments, projects, field work, Internal and semester end practical examination.

PhD programmes are being conducted under versatile disciplines in Zoology with implementation of the Course work, more than 50 students have completed their Ph.D work under the guidance of the Zoology faculty members.

The curriculum is designed to study and explore the various disciplines of Zoology and elucidates general biological principles through the student centric learning of experimental Zoology. It is well-organized with theory-based papers in correlation with practical sessions to provide a hands-on experience to the students and help them comprehend scientific concepts easily. The main aim is to acquaint the students with the widening horizons of Zoological Sciences and maintain the research culture within.

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