Themes of the Conference

1. Sociocultural, economic, geographical and historical aspects of Millets

  • History of Millets and its traditional knowledge
  • History and Artwork- Paintings, sculptures and Folk Art in Millets in India 
  • Millets and tribal life
  • Millets in literature/cinema/art
  • Nutritional value and health benefits of millets as an integral part of Indian food history
  • Traditional patterns of Production, Cultivation and Processing patterns of millets
  • Trends in millets production and consumption
  • Cropping pattern- comparison and mapping of crops
  • Farmers’ and Consumers’ Food Habits using millets
  • Socio-economic issues under millet cultivation/consumption
  • Millets: Agrotourism

2. Millets- Sustainable Solution to Food Security

  • Millets and nutritional security
  • Millets recipes for Defense personnel
  • Millets in disease control and prevention
  • Public Distribution Systems and Social Welfare schemes
  • Infrastructure for processing, storage and preservation
  • Public Expenditure with respect to millets
  • Crop Insurance Scheme

3. Entrepreneurship, Start-ups, Product Development and Marketing Strategies

  • Millets start-ups, Entrepreneurship and Business opportunities in India
  • Financial and business performance of cultivators and processing units.
  • Marketing, Distribution and Supply Chain Management of Millets at National and International Level
  • Marketing strategies and effectiveness
  • Market Competition and marketing issues
  • Human resources- Training and Consultancy on millet production, utilization and awareness.

4. Bioprospecting and innovative sustainable cultivation techniques for millets

  • Bioprospecting, Biofortification and value addition of Millets
  • Millets as a functional food- Effects on Gut flora, micronutrients' bioavailability, etc.
  • Millets as nutritious animal feed
  • Gaps in studies on the nutritional value of Millets
  • Shelf-life improvement and packaging
  • Biotechnological approaches in Millet production.
  • Millets and organic farming
  • Agricultural statistics with particular reference to Millets’ Data Analysis

5. GOs, NGOs and Policies

  • India’s Millet Policy- International and local government policies
  • International Trade -trends and policies
  • Intellectual property management of millets
  • Organisations promoting millets and promotion schemes
  • Farmer Producer Organisations and NGOs
  • Human Resources, Labour Laws and Policies
  • Gender issues in millet cultivation

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