Department of Commerce was set up at Ruia College in 1979.  As a career in ‘Commerce’ is one of the most sought after course in the higher education, ‘Commerce’ as a subject option for Arts students was initiated by University of Mumbai to open the wide spectrum of commerce education and careers  for  students from Arts stream. Presently, it is offered by only 6 to 7 colleges in Mumbai. Commerce courses are available with Economics, Psychology, Statistics, Mathematics and Literature. The curriculum covers courses on Business Organization, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Principles of Management, Human Resource Management. The upgraded autonomous curriculum promotes research skills of students and provides a good foundation for pursuing masters and professional courses such as MBA, M.A., Advertising & Marketing, Banking, Insurance, Financial and Stock Markets,  Retail Management, Tourism, Data Management, E-Commerce. In addition, the curriculum attempts to sensitize students to take conscious and proactive steps towards the environment through various topics on  Social marketing, Rural Marketing, Green Marketing, Business Ethics and Gender sensitization. After Graduation, many students pursue courses in India and abroad as well.


Comprehend social and business environment and develop research, entrepreneurial, professional, communication and leadership abilities among learners, to foster ethical and human values and build life-long learning skills, so as to be able, to work in diverse cultures and meet the industry needs and social goals through global learning opportunities and practices. 


Best Practices

The Department of Commerce conducts various departmental curricular and co-curricular activities to stand with the vision of fostering intellectual and professional skills and gain insights in  multi-domain spectrum of commerce through the following best practices:

 • Participation in planning and execution of programs: Students take initiatives in planning, organizing and conducting  co-curricular activities of the department. These activities include guest lectures, ‘Commercium’ Annual fest of the department, workshops etc. Students develop professional skills, communication, leadership and team management skills.

Promotion of Research Culture: In order to motivate and equip the students to undertake research and promote research culture among the commerce students the department has initiated taking small research projects to understand and improve the conducting research. Discussions on how to identify research problems, objectives of research, preparation of questionnaires are conducted in the class. 

Student feedback on curriculum:  Feedback on curriculum  is mainly used to  modify and rearrange the course contents based on  students’ constructive  suggestions and to  help  the  teachers  modify  and  improve   their   teaching methodologies and to  develop the skill of  critical evaluation among students.

Collaborative learning : Group based activities and assignments are allotted so as  to help to learn concepts,  solve problems, undertake tasks. This eventually enhances articulating, presenting  and listening skills as well as collaborative learning and working with  teams.


Activities of the Department

Ruia Commerce Association started in 1998, and ‘Commercium’- Annual fest of the department, provides a platform for nurturing students’ organising, competitive and leadership abilities and sensitize them to social issues. The activities focus on conducting workshops, talks, events and competitions related to Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Business and Start-ups etc., relevant to  business/social scenarios. Industrial visits are conducted  to various places like BSE, MSME and other important business and social organizations. Industrial visits in the past have been organized to places  such as  Bhandup Industrial estate, Indian Institute of Jewellery, Mahalaxmi , ITM- Institute of Financial Markets, Kharghar  etc. have been organised. Aptitude tests, Guest Lectures, Workshops, Internship opportunities are additional support features offered for the benefit of students. Student Research Assignments concerning the current issues, aid in learning how to synthesize information, build questionnaires, and develop analytical and critical thinking skills and preparation of report.


Message from Head of Department

The idea of having Commerce subject options for Arts students has been very fascinating.  Exposing students to commerce education through blended learning, active classroom interaction, and research assignments keeps  the learners engaged and motivated and   reinforces belief in the curriculum.  The commerce program offers comprehensive knowledge of social and business environment, finance, marketing and develops professional, management,  ethical and  social skills of the students. We insist the students to  observe professional skills through their communication and behavior, and, yet be humble and empathetic.  We practice collaborative learning approach to facilitate learning process and to work in teams. Student development activities such as  workshops, surveys, guest lectures, career guidance, research paper presentation and annual departmental fest ‘Commercium’ are a regular feature of the department. Internship opportunities, surveys and industrial visits further aid in practical learning and employment skills. After graduating, many of our students pursue post graduate courses in management, economics, finance, social studies, tourism etc. in India or abroad and build their career in  business, finance and  service sectors or are successful entrepreneurs.   As a facilitator, I believe that students become the foundation of our learning and hence it is important to understand their emotional and learning approach. Accordingly, keeping in mind the diverse background of learners, we prepare our courses that build inquiry and analytical abilities, to suit the industry and social needs, and help students realize  their goals and discharge their responsibility towards the society.  Together we can contribute, grow and excel.

 Dr. Urmila Moon,

Head of Department of Commerce

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Dr. Urmila P. Moon

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