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The Department of Microbiology, established in 1977, is one of the highly rated departments under the College of Excellence Scheme of the UGC and one of the departments recognized under Star Status by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), GOI. The Department offers UG, PG and PhD programs in Microbiology. It provides quality education, through both teaching and research, necessary to meet the needs of this growing field. The Department of Microbiology believes in experiential learning and is well equipped with instrumentation facilities for techniques in Microbiology, Genetics, Molecular biology and Microfluidics.
The department has an excellent track record of academic excellence, a student progression to PG studies of 90-95% and an exceptional list of achievements in curricular and cocurricular activities. The department boasts of illustrious alumni who are well placed all over the globe and continue to support the department and its students through different platforms.


To facilitate learning in fundamental as well as emerging topics in Microbiology using diverse teaching methods and a hands-on approach

To inculcate an attitude of self-discovery, independent thinking and innovation in the students

To create an exciting learning environment that encourages interdisciplinary and explorative learning and empowers the graduates and post graduates to recognize, adapt and contribute to emerging global challenges in Microbiology

To train students in a wide range of laboratory, research and interpersonal skills making them future ready for research, professional or entrepreneurial careers in Microbiology and allied fields.

To encourage and conduct research in Microbiology and expand discipline related and inter-disciplinary research collaborations  

To provide infrastructural support that contributes to training and opens up opportunities for core and applied research in Microbiology


Best Practices

Encouraging research aptitude in UG students: UG level-Students are encouraged to take up small research projects, under the guidance of teachers. Students learn to hypothesize, plan and execute a project and also learn to evaluate, analyse and present results. The Department is well equipped with instrumentation facilities and students are encouraged to handle them right from UG level. The departmental facilities are kept open for the students to work in the vacation too. Several of such projects have been presented in local and state level research meets like the Avishkar Research Convention, Konark research meet and Jigyasa. One of the most significant among these was the project on ‘Catechewingcoli: using synthetic biology to remove paan stains’ that won the Gold Medal and the Best integrated human practices award in the prestigious iGEM competition at Boston, USA in 2018.
Innovative teaching Learning Methods: Apart from interactive and collaborative learning methods, the department of Microbiology uses many ICT based tools and learning management systems like Google Classroom and Moodle for teaching. The department emphasizes the need to learn science through reading, referencing and knowledge gathering and therefore refrains from giving notes. Peer learning is also encouraged as it also strengthens fundamental understanding and presentation skills of the seniors. The department boasts of illustrious alumni who are well placed all over the globe and are ever ready to give talks, interact and mentor their juniors.The department has a large expanse of books on varied topics covered in the curriculum as well as on other topics in Science. This book bank encourages a referencing and reading habit in the students. One outcome of this teaching learning methodology is the accolades won by our students in competitions like the State and national level Micrbio Olympiad and their selection for Summer trainings through IAS, at reputed research institutes like IIT, Jamia Milia Islamia University, Delhi University and MSU Baroda. Our student progression to reputed institutes and universities like IIT, IISER, CHG, IBAB, SPPU, MSU and Goa university can also be attributed to this learning methodology.


Activities of the Department

Regular Classroom/ Lab Activities:
●  We believe in using innovative teaching learning strategies and collaborative learning methods like Jigsaw, Reaction sheets, Poster presentations, making mind maps to name a few.
●  Practical sessions also are conducted innovatively such that skills are enhanced and critical thinking and analytical reasoning abilities of the students are honed. Such activities also foster abilities like team work, responsible behaviour. 
The Microbiology department organises
Microbes, an annual intercollegiate event wherein undergraduate students of SYBSc present their research projects on microorganisms isolated and studied from different natural environments. The best presenting team is awarded a prize. Along with the research project presentation, several other competitions based on oratory and creative skills are also organised by the students.

Talks, webinars and Public lectures by eminent scientists and professionals under the aegis of RUIA Microbiology Society. Dr. Avinash Shenoy, Imperial College, London; Dr. Yogesh Shouche, NCCS; Dr. Rupa Murthy, Latifa Hospital, Dubai; Dr.  Abhishek Chakraborty, Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner College of Medicine, Ohio; Dr. Avinash Sharma, NCCS are some of the many reputed speakers who have guided our students.

Workshops on contemporary and emerging areas to equip our students with relevant lab and professional skills. Some of the topics covered in workshops conducted so far include- Foldscope, Lab on paper and portable culture devices, Enzymology, Electrophoretic techniques, Modern approaches to detect biological agents, Nanotechnology.

Visits to research institutes like NCCS, ICAR, INST, ACTREC and industries like Verka Dairy, Gowardhan Dairy and Sula wines

Lab Meets for interactions and review of research projects of PG students.

Vyakhya, a training program for entrances and interviews for PG studies.

Training programs for developing professional and soft skills.


Message from Head of Department

“If I set out to prove something, I am no real scientist-- I have to learn to follow where the facts lead me-- I have to learn to whip my prejudices...” said one of the early contesters to the theory of Spontaneous generation- Lazzaro Spallanzani
Microorganisms exist in all geographical locations on Earth and inside all living beings including humans, where they play extremely significant roles. We at the Department of Microbiology, encourage experiential and explorative learning for unravelling this fascinating world of microbes to our students. We strive to create an exciting and vibrant learning environment, familiarize students to advances in the subject by developing lab infrastructure and also to facilitate knowledge dissemination with the help of new teaching tools and methodologies. My dynamic teaching faculty also guides and mentors UG and PG students for career advancement, an activity where our alumni placed globally happily contribute. We are also actively involved in research in areas like Microfluidics, antimicrobial resistance, bioprospecting, genome engineering and genetics. 

Our Team

Mr. Niranjan sheshrao Chavan


Dr. Mayuri Rege

Dr. Varsha Shukla

Mr. Vidyadhar M Tupe

Dr. Anushree Lokur

Mr. Swapnil Pradhan P

Ms. Shveta Tiwari

Mr. Sachin Rajagopalan

Ms. Kachi Nabila A

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