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The Department of Mathematics was established since the inception of the college in 1937. Since then, the department lives with the motto of inculcating mathematical temperament among undergraduate students. As a result, the department has produced many notable alumni like Prof. Dinesh Thakur, Prof. Dilip Nachane (IGIDR, Mumbai), Prof. Mangala Naralikar, Ms. Lata Palekar, Late Mr. Ajit Wadekar (Ex-Capt Indian Cricket Team), and many others. Along with others, the Department of Mathematics is a recipient of Star College Scheme grant of Department of Biotechnology, GoI. Under this grant, teachers and students of the department visited several institutes of national eminence. like ISI, Kolkata, IUCCA-Pune and Bhaskaracharya Pratishthan-Pune.


Nurturing independent and disciplined thinking in students by practicing Mathematics.


Best Practices

The department organizes various seminars , workshops and public lectures for its slow as well as advanced learners.The department organizes special lectures in mathematics for students of Biological sciences.The teachers of the department undergo rigorous training programmes for the benefit of its students. They incorporate different collaborative learning strategies in their teaching like:

Project based learning is introduced and assigned 25 marks in applied component.

Participative learning: Flip the class room (Round Robin, Think-Pair-Share etc)

Participative learning: students are asked to deliver seminars on topics of their choice as a part of internal evaluation

Problem solving methodology: Tutorials are part of internal evaluation. This methodology has proven to be useful in training students for competitive examinations.
The department promotes environment friendly practices by setting an example for its students. The department takes special efforts to incorporate paperless documentation. The department encourages its students by taking utmost care to create a plastic free environment.


Activities of the Department

Department has tradition of hosting lectures by eminent mathematicians. A few among several note-worthy names who visited the department in recent years are Prof. Janos Pach, Prof. Bursill Hall, Prof. Dinesh Thakur and Prof. Nigel Calder Eminent academicians and mathematicians from TIFR-Mumbai, IIT-Mumbai and Mumbai University are frequent visitors to the department and inspire people at the department to take up rigorous mathematical activities. As a consequence our department is engaged in organizing several workshops for advanced learners of Mathematics and mathematicians from these institutes of international eminence happily provide all kinds of resources to make these workshops a success. Department has hosted mini-MTTS several times.

The department also hosts its popular annual departmental festival MATHTRIX under which many games and activities are planned.


Message from Head of Department

Inculcating disciplined and independent thinking among students by practicing Mathematics is the motto of Department of Mathematics. And as the head of the department I have always believed in overall personality development of the student making them better citizen for tomorrow. In order to achieve this, we invite eminent personalities from various institutes and industries of national and international eminence to the department and let our students interact with them so that they get exposure to topics of contemporary relevance.  We popularize Mathematics among teens by organizing various outreach activities.

Our Team

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Dr. Rajeshwar Andhale

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