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The Department of Statistics was established in the year 1957. Ruia College is the pioneer Institute to establish the Department of Statistics as a separate department rather than coexisting within the Department of Mathematics. Among several colleges affiliated to the University of Mumbai, Department of Statistics at Ruia College,is one of the few departments in the University of Mumbai that offers Statistics atundergraduate level for B.A. and B.Sc.The department faculty members adapt to various globally acceptable methods ofteaching/learning such as Flipped Classroom, Project Based Learning in addition tothe regular Chalk and Talk method. This helps students to enhance the ability of active learning and also improves their soft skills. Students become employable as a result of their capacity to take up challenges and adapt to the opportunities.


Imparting analytical and life skills to facilitate multi-dimensional growth of the students and enable them to evolve as global citizens.


Best Practices

Promoting collaborative learning environment

Maximising the impact of teaching-learning through research-based projects


Activities of the Department

The inter-collegiate department festival “ESSQUE” gives new dimension to learning as they work in teams, get exposed to marketing, branding, etc. The festival is a perfect blend of education and fun. Events like poster presentation on a given topic, quiz and treasure hunt with clues based on Statistics, games based on probability, etc. are an integral part of ESSQUE.Under the DBT sponsored grant of STAR College Scheme, students were exposed to project based- learning and they also participated in Educational Visits to Institutes of high repute such as Indian Statistical Institute. Prior to autonomy, our students used to be top rank holders in the University of Mumbai. Majority of our students pursue their post graduate programs at institutes like Department of Statistics, University of Mumbai, NMIMS, University of Pune, IIT, IIM, etc. 


Message from Head of Department

“Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves” said Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the World Wide WebI truly believe that Data is the new oil of the world and those who understand how to handle data will rule the world. We teachstatistical techniques that are required for data analysis. Our curricula are designed to bridge the gap between academia and industry. In addition to it, the students are encouraged to participate in group research projects that give them hands on experience of various stages of data analysis using statistical tools.I am a very proud alumna of this department and have been a faculty member for the last three decades of this esteemed institution. 

Our Team

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