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To lead as a globally acclaimed Centre for Advanced Knowledge Creation, Research and Innovation with inclusivity and human values at its core and contribute to nation building by transforming students to life-long learners who can meet the challenges and demands of the global society



To institutionalize practices that create a conducive environment where innovation flourishes; interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary knowledge is created and productive research is supported to cater to diverse educational needs and inculcate universal human values.

To foster generic and life skills that facilitate multi-dimensional growth of students to become informed global citizens capable of adapting and contributing to societal and global needs






  • To develop and conduct academic programs that enhance competencies in learners for inquiry, research, problem solving and communicating effectively
  • To collaborate with regional and global premier research institutions, organizations and businesses to strengthen the education and research culture
  • To provide high quality, affordable and inclusive education to all sections of society including various differently privileged groups
  • To foster academic and research experiences, develop infrastructure and facilitate internships and recruitment opportunities 
  • To facilitate capacity building of learners and the teaching fraternity by encouraging creativity, adaptability and collaboration
  • To inculcate skills amongst learners and support their career building towards successful employment / entrepreneurship
  • To educate and create awareness amongst the learners about their ethical responsibilities and empathy towards family, society and environment and make them conscious global citizens and leaders of the future.