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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To emerge as a distinguished Centre for knowledge creation, innovation and research that contributes to nation building by transforming  students to life-long learners who can meet the challenges and adapt to varying opportunities of the global society


Our Mission

Institutionalizing practices to impart inter and trans-disciplinary knowledge, foster generic and life skills that build competencies to facilitate multi-dimensional growth of students and enable them to evolve as informed, global citizens capable of adapting and contributing to economic, social and environmental demands

Goal and objectives

  1. To provide high quality, affordable and inclusive education to all sections of society including various differently privileged groups. 
  2. To develop and conduct teaching-learning programs that build competencies in learners for inquiry, research, problem solving and communicating effectively.
  3. To encourage participation in activities that instil and promote ethical values, empathy, rational thinking and build team spirit and leadership in the learners.
  4. To facilitate capacity building of  learners and the teaching fraternity by encouraging creativity, adaptability and collaboration
  5. To educate and create awareness amongst the learners about their responsibilities towards family, society and environment and help them to evolve as conscious global citizens.
  6. To foster global competence of learners and support their career building such that they are either employed or become successful entrepreneurs.
  7. To collaborate regionally and globally with educational institutions, research centres, agencies, organizations and businesses to enhance academic and research experiences, develop infrastructure and facilitate internships and recruitment opportunities.