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  • Mr.Sachin B Palekar acquired Training at Central Dogma Pvt Ltd. Pune on Advanced Molecular Biology
    • Developed  specialized experimental kits for all Biological Sciences departments of college in collaboration with Central Dogma Pvt. Ltd       (e.g. Study of Transformation, Detection of GMO by PCR, Plant DNA Extraction, RFLP in Bioanalysis)
  • Training of the faculty members from Biological Sciences for effective use of the kits during Practicals ( 6 faculty members one representing each Bioscience)
  • 4 Faculty members from Bioanalytical Sciences acquired training on various analytical Instruments and equipments  such as Turbidometer, TDS analyzer, DO meter, Rotary vacuum evaporator


  • Analytical Techniques in Genomics and Proteomics
    • 3 day workshop was organized for undergraduate students of the biological sciences for hands on training from 27th -29th December 2016
    • No of participants: 16
  • Recombinant Expression of Therapeutic Protein
    • 4 days workshop was conducted in collaboration with Central Dogma Pvt Ltd from 8th-11th August 2017. 
    • No of participants: 37
  • Workshop on Physicochemical analysis of Effluent water (02 workshops)
    • 3 day workshop was conducted for SYBVoc students of Pharma-analytical Sciences at the department of  Bioanalytical Sciences, Ruia CollegeStudents were exposed to hands on training on instruments such as TDS Analyzer, Turbidometer, Nephelometer, Flame Photometer,  DO meter etc.
    • No of participants: 16
  • Hands on training Workshop on Tablet testing:
    • 3 day workshop was conducted for TYBSc students of Bioanalytical SciencesStudents were trained on Dissolution, Disintegration, Hardness and Friability tests of commercially available tablets, No of participants: 41

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