TechStorm is anIntercollegiate IT Festival organized by the Department of Computer Science & Information Technology. TechStorm is an assortment of well-thought-out events catering to anyone and everyone who is more than just casually interested in computers. The events range from immensely challenging ones like Quiz in various CS Papers, Python Programming  to the ones that have more of an artistic appeal such as Poster Designing, Virtual Treasure Hunt etc. We also invite eminent speakers as guest lecturers to speak on modern technologies and developments in the IT industry and related fields. Students respond to every event by participating in large number. Our ultimate goal is to highlight a few known as well as some unknown fields in which the presence of computers or computing in general has made a positive difference.

This year TechStorm is going to be held on2nd and 3rd January 2020 whereby the theme presented is on “Fem ProTech” i.e; achieving women safety on all aspects with technical ideas.



  • QUIZZICAL: A  quiz that is going to be based on all CS Subjects which will be held in different rounds to get a geek in Computer Science. 
  • GEEKY PIRATES: A Virtual Treasure Hunt event. 
  • PYTHON CODING AND DEBUGGING: Coding and Debugging rounds to know the best programmer in Python. 
  • WORKSHOPS: Understanding the current trending aspect of IT world through DIGITAL MARKETING. 
  • MOCK PLACEMENT DRIVE: Organising a mock placement drive for TY and M.Sc students and offering the winners with Summer Internships.



  • GAMING: A happening and entertaining LAN Gaming event for all the CS Go game lovers .
  • JUST A MINUTE: A fun event for winning within a minute by playing exciting games. 
  • POSTER DESIGNING: A theme based event where the Participants bring in  their technical ideas of how women can safe herself. Best Idea and it's Presentation wins. Also, the best idea can be thought of being implemented in future.

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