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Brief Description of Department

The Department of Zoology was established in 1937. Department is a recipient of Star Status by DBT, GOI. The Department had several illustrious researchers as its faculty and some of its faculty members are renowned figures in the Zoology academic circle; Dr. N.N. Murthy, Dr. S.V. Shanbaug, Dr. Mrs. Rao, Dr. R. M. Pai, Dr. Mrs Gaikwad, Dr. Rohini Sivabalan, Prof. M. G. Dhavale, Dr. Mrs Mayya, Mrs. Phadnis, Dr. Sasikumar Menon to name a few. Zoology Department has rich research legacy especially in the field of Systematics, Haematology, Biochemistry, Physiology and Marine Sciences. The Department has taken several initiations at the University level especially to make the Zoology subject more contemporary. This Department has been known to be the nurturing centre for many Zoologists, who are active in teaching profession, especially in the University of Mumbai. The faculty motivates students to engage in research, curricular and extra-curricular activities to tap into their intrinsic and extrinsic capabilities. The department is dedicated for the versatile development of students to help them excel in all possible fields and reach desired milestone in their career. The aim of the Department is to nurture interests of students in the subject, and to provide opportunities for specialization and research in varied aspects of Zoology.

The Zoology curriculum for Under-graduates will expose students to diverse fields in Zoology with basic, advanced concepts and research. This will motivate the students for pursuing Post graduate studies in Zoology to get employed in the Biological research Institutes, Industries concerning departments based on subject Zoology. The aim of introducing projects is to provide experiential learning through active participation that enables the student to develop and demonstrate analytical, judgmental, presentation and communication skills. Field trips, educational visits, study tours would bring students close to nature, thus creating its awareness. The Course study material has been creatively crafted so as to encourage the students to pursue knowledge in a purposeful and holistic manner. The Course emphasis on the development of research attitude, thereby making the students enhances more knowledge on the topic beyond the scope of the syllabus. The Practical work is closely linked with the theory curriculum, thus maximizing the opportunity to practice the scientific method leaving an imprint on the minds of learner.

The Degree of Bachelor of Science in Zoology is a three-year duration course with a total of six semesters. The Master’s Degree in Zoology is a two-year course with a total of six semesters, which highlights two specializations, Animal Physiology and Oceanography by papers. The Theory and Practical Examinations are conducted twice a year, one in each semester. The Continuous evaluation also includes internal class tests, assignments, projects, field work, Internal and semester end practical examination. PhD programmes are being conducted under versatile disciplines in Zoology with implementation of the Course work, more than 50 students have completed their Ph.D work under the guidance of the Zoology faculty members. The curriculum is designed to study and explore the various disciplines of Zoology and elucidates general biological principles through the student centric learning of experimental Zoology. It is well-organized with theory-based papers in correlation with practical sessions to provide a hands-on experience to the students and help them comprehend scientific concepts easily. The main aim is to acquaint the students with the widening horizons of Zoological Sciences and maintain the research culture within.

Well equipped and spacious laboratories. The museum of preserved specimens,models of diverse animal life and collection of permanent slides is one of the highlighting features of the Department.

Dr. Vaishali T. Phusate M.Sc., NET(1998)qualified., Ph.D. Head of the Dept., Associate Professor Physiology Ph.D.
Dr. Durga S. Patkar M.Sc., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Oceanography M.Sc.
Dr.Preetha Achary M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Oceanography
Mrs.Sohini Vanjari M.Sc., M.Phil . Assistant Professor Genetics
Ms Mrudula Pradhan M.Sc. Assistant Professor Oceanography
Mr. Sasikumar Menon (Visiting Faculty) M.Sc., Ph.D. Director, TDM Laboratory Head, Department of Pharma analytical Sciences Animal Physiology Ph.D.
Mr. Prakash R. Pawar
Lab Assistant
Mr. Premraj L. Zugare
Lab Assistant
Mr. Walmik D.More
Lab Attendant
Mr. Prashant H. Sawant
Lab Attendant
Mr. Mukesh Bagadi
Lab Attendant
Mr. Bhagwan Koli
Lab Attendant

For the last 80 years Department conducts various activities for students and teachers, which includes Field Visits, Excursions, Eco-Zoo - a yearly Fest, Workshops, Seminars, Training programs and Symposiums. Besides this, students carry out ‘Beach cleaning activity’ to create social awareness.

  • Ms. Kiran Deshmukh from M.Sc. Part II has been awarded the prestigious Late Dr. Maithili Rao Prize for Excellence in academics at M.Sc. Degree examination in Zoology.
  • Ms. Kiran Deshmukh from M.Sc. Part II has been awarded the prestigious Dr. B.P.Sunder Raja Rotating Trophy for Excellence in academics at M.Sc. Degree examination in Biological Sciences.
  • Ms. Snehal Raorane from M.Sc. Part II cleared UGC-NET, April 2018 Examination.
  • Mr. Mohak Gujare from M.Sc. Part II has been selected for the internship for project in National Institute of Oceanography (NIO), Mumbai.
  • The students of F.Y.B.Sc.have successfully completed the project on Health and Hygiene.
  • The students of S.Y.B.Sc.and T.Y.B.Sc.participated in the Beach Clean-up Drive activity pertaining to Social awareness on 9th September, 2017.
  • Tejas Jathar and Sagar Patankar from T.Y.B.Sc. and Vighnesh Samel, Dhwani A. Dave, Shivani Pratap Dalvi, Omkar Avhad, Shrutika Hareshwar Raut and Anushka Sanket Joshi from S.Y.B.Sc. have participated and volunteered in WWF-India’s Environment Education Programme “Ek Prithvi- Conservation Leadership through Education, Maharashtra (Mumbai)” from July,2017 to March,2018.
  • Zoology Department has many renowned alumni with diverse fields of interests. Dr. Madhuri Pejawar (Former Dean of the University of Mumbai), Prof. Vinayak Dalvie (Senate Member of the University of Mumbai, Chairperson, Board of Studies, Zoology), Dr Suhel Kadar (Scientist, National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore), Dr. Rohan Kulkarni (Scientist, Biological Testing, US FDA.), Dr. Sheshadri (Senior Scientist, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai) and Dr. Deepak Apte (Director, Bombay Natural History Society, Mumbai), Dr. P.G. Kale ( Ex-Vice Principal and Head of the Dept. (Zoology), Ramniranjan Jhunjunwala College, Ghatkopar, Mumbai), have given their valuable contribution in the field of academia and research. Flight Lt. Manali Bijoor and Capt. Samant who are ex-Ruiaites have been recruited in Indian Air force.