Research Culture of Ruia College

12 Departments Recognized for PhD

Recognized Research Guides - 31

Advanced Instrumentation Center Research grants from: UGC, DBT, DST, DAE-BARC, BRNS, NMPB, AYUSH, MMRDA, NBPH, FBH, Asiatic Society of Mumbai, University of Mumbai

Research Projects (last five years): Major: 27 Minor: 47 Consultancy and Industry Sponsored Projects

PhDs produced: over 600

Patents : 07

Research Papers Published in International & National Journals : 242 (last 5 years)

Research Papers presented at

  • International Conferences : 110 (last 5 years)
  • National Conferences : 151 (last 5 years)

Many awards in Research Events


Green Chemistry, Drug Standardization using Electroanalytical methods

Quality Control and standardization of herbal drugs, Indian systems of medicine and their bioactive principles.


Microfluidics – Lab on Chip and Lab on Paper for microbiological and chemical analysis

Cytogenetics, Plant Biotechnology, Plant Physiology, Phycology

Probiotics & Endophytes, Marine Biotechnology

Toxicology, Animal Physiology, Nutrition & Dietetics, Nutraceuticals, Environmental Science

Molecular Biology, Biodiversity, Biofilms

Food History & Culture , Environmental History

Labour studies, International Relations

Development Economics, Growth Economics

Vedic and Classical Sanskrit Literature

Advait Philosophy & Indian Knowledge Management System

Logic & Western Philosophy, Spiritual Philosophy

Canadian Literature, Stylistics, Feminism

Dalit Literature, Buddhism

Marathi Drama & Poetry

Didactics of language and pedagogy, Intercultural Studies, Technology assisted language learning

Design Theory, Combinatorics, Commutative Algebra, Analysis of Partial differential equations


National Agencies


Ministry of Environment & Forest

Dept of Biochemistry, M.S. University, Baroda




Dept of Chemistry, Nanded

Agarkar Research Institute, Pune

UM-DAE Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences, University of Mumbai

International Agencies

Unilever, Thailand & Unilever Industries, Singapore

Cincinnati University, USA

Iladevi Herbal & cosmetic products, London

University of Turku, Finland

University of Charles de Gaulle

AGRAF International Research group

Valparaiso University, USA

Ontario Universities, Canada

Universities in Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, USA

Harrisburg University, USA

Westchester University, USA