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Brief Description of Department

Dept. of Philosophy of Ruia, aims at making the student aware of the life changing possibilities that learning philosophy can bring to one’s life. Philosophy is a subject that teaches you wisdom, as it literally means ‘Love for Wisdom’. A step towards any Masters of your choice, philosophy builds a base to new ideas, possibilities, perspectives, concepts along with developing empathy, kindness, street smartness and patience. At Ruia, the faculty Of Philosophy has always been focused upon preparing its students for a life that is away from the ordinary.

The entire BA course in Philosophy consists of 9 papers. In the first year, we begin with moral philosophy in which, students are introduced to concepts like good-bad and right-wrong. The Indian concepts of Dharma, Rta, Rna are introduced at this stage. Contemporary topics like Ayn Rand’s philosophy are also included. In the second year, students are introduced to the History of Indian and western philosophy and social and political philosophy. At the TY level, a student who specializes in philosophy has the following six papers.

History of Indian and Western Philosophy (Advanced)

Philosophies and philosophers from various era are taught in this subject. This becomes an advanced subject to the ideas of Philosophy. Here, the students are introduced to branches of philosophy like epistemology and metaphysics.

Philosophy of Religion

The idea that religion is not just philosophy and philosophy is not just religion shall unfold itself in this subject. Look forward to different religious philosophies that the subject offers.

Philosophy of Bhagwat Gita

One of the wildly sold and accepted philosophy, Bhagwad Gita as a subject is looked at from a very practical point of view. The focus of this subject is to ensure that the students learn the extravagant strategies that Bhagwad Gita talks about. It also at the end of it, builds your own perspective on the philosophical ideas that are spoken about in the Bhagwad Gita

Yoga Philosophy (Theory)

This paper not only eradicates the misconceptions of Yoga but also conceptually clarifies everything that is to do with Yoga and schools of Yoga. Clarity and the want to understand the depth of this paper develops through continuous learning. The focus is on Patanjali’s Yogasutra.

Formal Logic

Logic is an essential part of learning Philosophy. This paper focuses on critical thinking which is very essential in all walks of life. The most interesting subject, as it is, one finds oneself making very clever arguments after understanding the logic behind sentences and their composition.

Living Ethical Issues

Abundance leads to rules, rules lead to ethics. This paper basically deals with applied ethics. Topics like, arguments for and against abortion, organ transplant, cloning and environmental ethics are discussed.

A combination of a multi facilitated faculty and students, Dept. of Philosophy is a very casual yet influential study arena for the students. Every year number of students clears their graduation in philosophy to further achieve their dreams with a fresh perspective that the country needs. The dept has various merits to its credit and is considered one of the best amongst the colleges in the University of Mumbai.

Undergraduate Courses Offered by Department
Programme Name BA in Philosophy
Degree/Diploma/Certificate BA
Aided/Self-Financed AIDED
Year of Starting 1937
Intake Capacity TY(25-30)
1 Ms. Vatsala Pai Head of the dept. of Philosophy MA, M.Phil. Indian philosophy, Bhagwad Gita, Living Ethical issues.
2 Dr. Himani Chaukar Asst. Professor (Dept. of Philosophy) MA, PhD Yoga, Western philosophy, Logic, Tribal philosophy
3 Ms. Jyoti Waghmare Asst. professor MA/ Diploma in Buddhist Studies . Religion philosophy, Bhagwat Gita, Neo-Buddhism and engaged Buddhism


Every year a series of guest lectures are held in the college under the dept. of philosophy under the N.V.Joshi Memorial lectures (held in the month of January/ February) -

    Prominent Speakers who were invited for these lectures are as follows

  • Dr. Gauri Mahulikar (former Head of the dept. of Sanskrit,Uni.of Mumbai) Dr. S.K. Okherjee (former Head of the Dept.of Philosophy, Wilson college) Dr.Sadananda More (former Head of the Dept.of Philosophy,Uni.of Pune) Dr.S.S.Antarkar (former Head of the dept.of Philosophy,Uni.of Mumbai) Dr. Shubada Joshi (Former Head, Dept. of Philosophy, Uni. Of Mumbai) And many more


  • Seminars on ideas of prominent Philosophers and philosophies

Workshops Organized

To develop a broader perspective about the subject, we organize lectures in various interdisciplinary fields which are related to philosophy. This also helps interaction between various departments in the college.

  • Workshops on Practical aspects of Philosophy
  • Lecture series on Contemporary trends in Philosophy – Phenomenology, Hermeneutics, Post-modernism
  • Regular talks and demonstrations are held for Yoga and Meditation


Every year one conference is organized where in students and faculty present papers on the selected theme. In the year, 2017-18, the Dept. organized an international seminar on Vaishnava Philosophy and Ecology which was attended by professors and research faculty from Oxford, Stockholm and Mumbai.


IV / study tour

In the year 2017-18, we visited, Saguna Baug, an eco-tourism destination near Karjat on the way to Matheran. Our students have also visited, eco-friendly village at Govardhan Eco-Village, on the Mumbai-Ahmadabad highway and Kaivalyadham at Lonavala to name a few

  • - 5 students won a prize at State level.
  • - 3 Students presented paper at International Seminar
  • - 5 students won a prize at State level.
  • - 2 presentations at national seminar .
  • - 3 prizes at Bombay Philosophical society’s student seminar.
  • - Internship with NGOs and other organisations .
2017-18 Mitali Mitbavkar Gold Medal TYBA, Mumbai University
1 Aditi Sarangdhar Television Artist
2 Kshitee Jog Television artist
3 Raj Janagam Social Entrepreneur
4 Meera Mahadevan Advocate