Co-/Extra-curricular Activites of the college are organized by Ruia Student Council earlier known as VPM - "Vidyarthi Prathinidhi Mandal" (Studant Representative Organization) a student body with the help from the faculty of the college.

The V.P.M. is an umbrella organization having maximum students' representation. Throughout the year the V.P.M. Organizes various programs related to all most every expect of students' life. Activities of the V.P.M. strike a judicious balance between students' developmental needs and their recreational needs.

The V.P.M. celebrate various 'Days' (e.g. Rose Day, Traditional Day etc.) on a grand scale. The most popular activity of the V.P.M. Is 'Utsav' i.e. a colourful cultural festival. The V.P.M. Organizes workshops, seminars, lectures which help in all round development of students' personality.