Research Culture of Ruia College


  • Green Chemistry, Drug Standardization using Electroanalytical methods  
  • Quality Control and standardization of herbal drugs, Indian systems of medicine and their bioactive principles.
  • Nanotechnology  
  • Microfluidics – Lab on Chip and Lab on Paper for microbiological and chemical analysis  
  • Cytogenetics, Plant Biotechnology, Plant Physiology, Phycology 
  • Probiotics & Endophytes, Marine Biotechnology  
  • Toxicology, Animal Physiology, Nutrition & Dietetics, Nutraceuticals,  Environmental Science  
  • Molecular Biology, Biodiversity, Biofilms
  • Food History & Culture , Environmental History  
  • Labour studies, International Relations  
  • Development Economics, Growth Economics
  • Vedic and Classical Sanskrit Literature 
  • Advait Philosophy & Indian Knowledge Management System
  • Logic & Western Philosophy, Spiritual Philosophy  
  • Canadian Literature, Stylistics, Feminism 
  • Dalit Literature, Buddhism 
  • Marathi Drama & Poetry
  • Didactics of language and pedagogy, Intercultural Studies, Technology assisted language learning
  •  Design Theory, Combinatorics, Commutative Algebra, Analysis of Partial differential equations


National Agencies

  • BARC  
  • Ministry of Environment & Forest 
  • Dept of Biochemistry, M.S. University, Baroda 
  • ICT 
  • BRNS 
  • NBHM 
  • Dept of Chemistry, Nanded 
  • Agarkar Research Institute, Pune 
  • UM-DAE Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences, University of Mumbai

International Agencies

  • Unilever, Thailand & Unilever Industries, Singapore  
  • Cincinnati University, USA  
  • Iladevi Herbal & cosmetic products, London  
  • University of Turku, Finland  
  • University of Charles de Gaulle  
  • AGRAF International Research group  
  • Valparaiso University, USA  
  • Ontario Universities, Canada 
  • Universities in Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Harrisburg University, USA
  • Westchester University, USA