Year of establishment: 1937


Dr. Mrs. Manjusha Gokhale

(Head of the Dept.)


          "Abhijat Sanskrit Sahityacha Itihas"  
(Section of classical Sanskrit drama, pp.1-95-   Published 
           by Rtaayana, Mumbai,2004.


  >    Member of: Arts Faculty, Board of Studies in Sanskrit,   
       Prakrit and Pali, University of Mumbai.

  >    Visiting Faculty, Mumbai University Dept. of Sanskrit


  >    Research Papers published-15.


  >  Research Papers presented-

     International Conference -2 
National Conferences and Seminars-10 
Best All-round Teacher Award.2005 

Mrs. Rajashree Oak  Lecturer

> First Class First And Gold Medalist at TYBA and MA. 
> Winner Of Mandalik Prize
>Expert in Indian Classical dance.

Mr.Prasad Bhide  - Lecurer
> Stood Second and Achieved various Prizes at TYBA and MA.
>MA in Liguistics
>Director of Sanskrit and Marathi Oneact


History of the Department

Sanskrit Department was established in 1937. The department was formerly headed by the Great Sanskrit Scholars such as Prof. R.R. Deshpande, Prof. Mahashabde, Prof. G.A. Kulkarni and Prof. Dr. Alka Bakare.

There are only five colleges in Mumbai University area which offer Sanskrit as a major subject at TYBA level. Ruia is one of them.

Courses Offered

Sanskrit can be opted along with all other languages (Hindi, Marathi, and English)and Social Sciences at FYBA and SYBA. Six papers in Sanskrit can be opted at TYBA level.

A Three Years Degree Course in Sanskrit:

(Compulsory Paper) Panchtantra , Nitishataka

(Optional Paper I) Svapnavasavadatta, Selected
Passages from Ramayana and

(Optional PaperII) Kavyaprakasha and selected
Passages From Raghuvanshaand
Meghaduta(Optional PaperIIIBhagavadgita and Selected Topics
regarding Anciet Indian Culture.

(Optional PaperIV) Indian Philosophy (Optional Paper V ) History of Classical Literature (Optional Paper VI) Ancient Indian Statecraft.(Optional Paper VII)Vedic Literature (Optional Paper VIII) Grammar, Rapid Reading and Unseen Translation Optional Paper IX) Legal Literature, Sciences, Linguistics


Teaching-Learning Evolution

1 Guest Lectures.

2 Participation in the ‘All College Colloquium' 
   for Sanskrit students of TYBA since 2002.

3 Sanskrit Conversation Courses.

4 Classroom discussions on  Research Papers/ Articles.

 University Toppers in T.Y.B.A.

Mugdha gadgil (1995) -  4th  in general Merit list.

Varada Dharap (1996)  -     1st   in general Merit list.

Chetana Tamhankar(1997)

Tanuja Pathare  (1998)

Urmila Patil(1999)

Priyadarshani Puranik(2001)

Rajashree Barve (2002)-  7th  in general Merit list.

Sameera Gujar    (2003)

Renuka Ozarkar (2004)-   8th  in general Merit list.

Manasi Kalele       (2005)

Archana Amberkar(2006)

Shakuntala Gawade(2006)

Manasi Kelakar       (2007)

Mrunalini Nevalkar (2008)


    >    Organization of various Seminars  
 >     Kalidasa Day  Celebration
     >     Sanskrit day Celebration
     >    "Khitij"- Departmental Career Guidance Festivals
   Sanskrit Conversation Courses.
     Workshops in Sanskrit Grammar.
     >     Yearly Hand-written Magazine.
     Study tours .
   >     Stage Performances.

Special Achievements


Stage performances 

>   Sanskrit Department has been Participating in various  
   State Level Sanskrit Play Competitions since 1999 and 
   Winning several Prizes and Trophies.

>   Participation in Seminars for Students.

>  Paper Presentation in State Level and National Seminars.

> Participation in Various Competitions.