Year of establishment: 1937


Department of Political Science is one of the most active departments of the college. It is engaged in sensitizing the students and the community at large about the political process. Along with regular class room activities the faculties in the department make the use of advanced technology to make learning process more communicative and interesting. Students’ participation in the pedagogical practices is often garnered through assignments, presentations, and study tours.

The department provides guidance to the aspirants for UPSC and MPSC Examinations. Free counseling is available to all students.

Every year the department organizes Human Rights Day on 10th December. On Human Rights Day students from our department run the awareness campaign into the society to make the people aware about the importance of Human Rights. 


  • Dr.Vaibhavi Palsule

  •  Dr.  Mrudul Nile (On deputation as the Director of Student's welfare Department)

  • Prof. Sanhita Joshi

  • Prof. Ravi Gavit - (Temp)

  • Prof. Sanjay Patil - (Temp)

  • Dr. Vaibhavi Palsule - Head of the Department

    M.A. , NET, Ph.D.

    Work Experience: 18 years

    Thesis Title : "India - Pakistan relations from confrontation to dialogue"

    Member of various committees at College level

    • IQAC
    • Admission Committee
    • VPM coordianting committee
    • Chairperson of Political Science Association


    Dr. Mrudul Nile MA., NET, Ph.D.

    Work Experience : 11 years

    Thesis Title:"Right to Information"
    Currently on deputation as Director of Student's Welfare Department, University of Mumbai


    Prof. Sanhita Joshi

    MA. NET

    Work Experience: 2years

    Submitted Ph.D. thesis in October 2010

    Thesis Title: Local governance in the context of globalization

    Member of Campus Management Committee


    Mr. Ravi Gavit - Temp

    M.A., NET, SET

    Work Experience: 3 years


    Mr. Sanjay Patil - Temp


    Work Experience: 2 years


    Research Projects  / Other work Undertaken by the Department

    Dr. Chhaya Bakane

    Publications: “Father of Social Conservativism and political Radicalism in Maharashtra, Vishnu Shashtri Chiplunkar” (awarded the best book of the year)

    Authored text books in Marathi language for B.A Students
    a) Introduction to politics
    b) Indian Political System
    c) Foundation Course

    Published articles in a Secularist a leading English journal and Ruiate the college magazine.

    Authored study material for the students of Distance Education for B.A and M.A, Mumbai University.

    Ms. Vaibhavi Palsule

    Working on a Minor Research Project of Mumbai University titled “Projection of Pakistan in Marathi Press”.
    Registered for Ph.D Degree from Mumbai University. “India-Pakistan relations from Confrontation to dialogue”.
    Presented papers 
    • “India-Pakistan Relations” Department of Civics and Politics” Mumbai University.
    • Dharmasatta Ani Rajasatta” in a conference organized by Pradya Vidya Parishad

    Mr. Mrudul Nile

    Papers presented and published 
    • “Privatization of Higher Education” National Conference on higher education.
    organized by the Goa University.
    • “Entrepreneurship: A Tool for Reconstruction of the Social Structure for the Future” National Conference at Mata Gujri Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Jabalpur.
    This paper was also published in a edited book after the conference.
    • A Article was published in a Samah Prabodhini Patrika, one of the leading marathi journals titled, “Bihar Madhil Sattapalat: Kiti Mulgami Kiti Durgami”

          Political Science Association:  
          Department of Political Science and Political Science Association    
        Annual Report 2007-08     
        This year the Political Science Association began its     
        activities by organizing a Study tour for the students of SYBA ‘D’ Division who    
        have opted for Gandhism as   their    
        applied component paper.  The students    
        were taken to Mani Bhavan , a well known study centre for the study of Gandhian    
        Philosophy on 22nd September 2007.     
        Mr. Tambe, the staff member of the Department accompanied the students.    
         On 5th October 2007, The Department organized    
        another one day study visit to Pen in Raigard District.      
      The purpose of the visit was to enlighten the    
      students on the issue of Special Economic Zone.     
        The students got the information about the policy of SEZ and its pros    
        and cons.  They became aware of the    
        environmental, geographical, agricultural, economic as well as socio-cultural    
        aspects of the policy through their interaction with the villagers.    
        On 12th October, the Association organized a    
        lecture of Dr. Wankhede on Youth and Career    
        The Department of Political Science in association with    
        the Department of History and    
        Lokwangmay Grih organized D.D.Kosambi memorial lecture    
        series on 11th and 12th February    
        2008.  The renowned scholars, Dr. Romila Thapar, Dr. D.N. Zha and others speakers     
        addressed the gathering.    
        Dr.  Chhaya Bakane     
        Head, Dept. of Political Science.  
        Annual Report 2008-09   
        The Department of Political Science conducts various activities under the  Association named Political Science Association. In every academic year,  it organizes elocution competition, debates, Quiz, seminars. The Head of the  Department Dr. Chhaya Bakane presently chairs the Association. A unique thing  about the Association is that the students initiate and organize its  activities.   The Department of Political Science on 25 July 2008, organized a lecture  ‘Understanding Nuclear Deal’ by theoretical physicist Dr. T. Jayaraman. Dr.  Jayaraman is currently associated with Tata Institute of Social Sciences. The  lecture included a detailed yet lucid discussion on the Indo-U.S. Nuke Deal and  its political, energy, economic dimensions. 170-180 students attended the  lecture. While answering some questions, Dr. Jayaraman explained the strategic  and military nuances of the Deal.  The Department arranged a felicitation ceremony for meritorious students of  T.Y.B.A. 2007-2008 on 17 September 2008. A lecture by Dr. Manisha Tikekar on  ‘India’s relation with its neighboring countries’ was organized on this  occasion. Dr. Tikekar dealt with all problems of the neighboring countries to  India with reference to the political, economic and social aspects. There was a  question-answer round followed by the session.   The Department also invited Dr. Rajesh Basrur on 3rd January 2009. Dr. Basrur is  currently associated with the Singapore University in the Department of  International Studies. He delivered a talk on India-Pakistan Relations. The  subject is extremely relevant and interesting due to the tensions built up in  the relations between the two after the terrorist attack on Mumbai on 26  November 2008. He stated that the relations between India and Pakistan could be  termed as stability-instability paradox. According to him, though the strained  relations between the two would continue for some time, the war will not take  place. The students enjoyed the lecture, as it was a brief but realistic  analysis of the events in the post 26/11.  
               In the academic year 2008-2009, the Association organized a Quiz competition.  Third Year student of Department Mr. Nachiket Kulkarni won first Prize in the  English debate in Inter-University National Youth Festival. He represented  University of Mumbai in ‘P.C. Alexander extempore Marathi elocution  competition’ where he won first Prize. He presented paper in an international  conference organized by York University and Delhi University at Delhi.  
                Dr. Chhaya Bakane  
                Department of Political Science  
          Department of  Political Science and Political Science Association  
          Annual Report 2009-10  
          Political Science Association of Ramnarain Ruia College  is actively engaged in various  
          activities for the benefit of the students.  Every year lectures by eminent scholars,  journalists,  
          and famous political personalities are  arranged.  The department of political  science started its activities from September 09.  Dr Anand Teltumde a leading intellectual in  India working and writing on the issue of caste, Dalits, globalization and  democratic politics was invited for the inaugural function of Political Science  Association.  He delivered a talk on  “Globalization and Dalits”.  On October  31st 2009, a felicitation function of the meritorious students of  the department of TYBA 2008-09 and the former head of the Department, Dr.  Chhaya Bakane was organized.  Dr. A.K.  Mukadam was invited as a Chief Guest.  On  this occasion he gave a talk on "Communal Politics in Maharashtra".   
          Another major activity of the department was the two Day  festival “WE the People”.  This festival  was organized on 10th and 11th February 2010.  The Political awareness campaign was  conducted by the students of the department.   The pamphlets containing the information regarding the values of  citizenship were sold by charging the token amount of Rs. 1.   This festival was full of events.  To celebrate the 50th year of the  formation of Maharashtra, the festival began with the talk on Samyukta  Maharashtra movement by Vijay Vaidya, who was closely associated with the  movement.  Also the exhibition of the  photos and posters in connection of Samyukta Maharashtra was organized in the  quadrangle.   Another event of the  festival was screening of the film “Parzenia” based on communal riots and the  documentary “The Birth of Israel”. The Quiz on Politics was also organized.  The novel event in the festival was the  “Model Parliament”.  It is a 45 minutes  session where the students perform all those activities held in the one  parliamentary day.  This event was judged  by Ashish and Rinkesh the former students of Ruia College and winners of the  Youth Parliament at the University level.   
          Department of  Political Science and Political Science Association  
          Annual Report  2010-11  
          The year 2010 -11 was year of achievements and full of  diverse programs organized by the Department of Political science and Political  science association. The department is proud of Prof. Mr. Mrudule Nile who got  selected for a Workshop on the issue of International terrorism and visited  USA. Mrs.  Sanhita joshi was appointed as  the assistant professor and she successfully also submitted her thesis on  “Local Governance in the context of globalization.” The faculties of the  department attended various seminars and workshops organized by University and  different colleges round the year.  
          A talk on “Changing notion of security” by Dr.  shailendra devalankar was organized by the department on 28th august  2010 which also marked the inauguration of the activities of the department and  the association. The meritorious students of TYBA 2009-10 batch were also felicitated  on the same occasion.  
          On 1st of September 2010 a talk  on “evolution of documentaries” by Dr. Kunda  Nilkanth was organized to guide the students of TYBA especially because this  year our department has opted for a new paper namely understanding politics  through films.  
          We at the department always try to deliver best to the  students and therefore we organized a short study trip to Roha in the Raigad  district. The visit was organized with a purpose to see the establishments of  Adivasis and meet activists of Sarvahara Jan Andolan led by Ulka Mahajan. It  was an eye opener for many students as they got an opportunity to see the  ground realities and conditions under which the tribals live and survive.  
          An intra-college Quiz competition was also organized by  the political science association on 24th September 2010. From 23rd  November to 27th November we planned a study tour to Delhi. This  visit gave students to see the Parliament museum at New Delhi and many other  heritage and archeologically and politically important sites. We also had the  opportunity to see the fatehpur sikari fort and understand  the political dynamics of that era.  
          The biggest extravaganza of the year of was much awaited  annual festival of our department “We the People” organized on 11th  and 12th January 2011. This year the festival received spectacular  response. Our student volunteers toiled hard to get good financial support in  the form of sponsorships from various private and public institutions.  
           The festival was  inaugurated at the hands of IRS officer Mr. Sameer Wankhede who also  enlightened students on changing pattern of UPSC. It was followed by a talk on  Politics of Climate change by Prof. Dr. Uttara Sahatrabuddhe from the  University Department of Civics and Politics.  
          The annual festival also invited great participation of  students from our own college and other colleges of the city. We organized  elocution competition, Quiz completion, power point presentation, poetry  writing and street play competition. Our students did a fantastic job at  organizing youth parliament competition. This competition gave them an  opportunity to understand the parliamentary procedures and also gave them a  chance to discuss divergent issues like Jaitapur power plant issue or Adarsh  scam etc.  
          Thus the year was marked by innumerable achievements for  our department and it will remembered for many more to come  
          Head of the Department of Political Science  
          Vaibhavi Palsule  
          Department of Political Science and Political Science  Association  
          Report of “We the People” 2011-12  
          The first native college of the City of Mumbai-  Ramnaraian Ruia College on the occasion of its platinum jubilee celebrated a  confluence of all departmental festivals in the form of “Samnvay”. The  department of Political Science and Political Science Association organized a  two days academic festival called “We the People” on 13th and 14th  of September 2011 on the same occasion. The students of political science  department had put a month’s hard work to put up an excellent show on the final  days.  
          The first day of the festival began with an  inter-collegiate event called Asia Eleven- A Summit of South Asian Countries.  We received over whelming response from several colleges of the city. It  provided a platform to participating teams to represent the country allotted to  them and defend that country on issues like Trade, Terrorism, Millennium Development  Goals and Human Rights. The event was adjudged by Vinod Deshpande, Director  Dhruv Academy and Professor Louisa Rodrigues from Department of History. The  event was an instant hit amongst the participating teams as well as the  audience.   
          The second day comprised intra-college events. The day  began with Youth Parliament competition. 30 students of First , Second and  Third Year BA participated in the event. It was a mock parliament put up  by  students where students enacted like  Members of Parliament and Ministers. Mr. Gaurav and Mr. Rinkesh judged the  event and offered their valuable suggestions to the students. On the same day  simultaneously Quiz completion was organized which happened to be one of the  most promising events of all. Finally the students of department of Political  science coined a Fun Game called Throne-Dethrone- a Battle for the Chair. The  event captured the imagination of the students as it was a fun event woven  around the nitty-gritty of the game of Politics and Fight for chair. All the students  and volunteers enjoyed the entire event to the fullest.  
          On 16th of September the department of  Political science in association with Ruia Film Society organized screening of  a Marathi movie called “Ek Pyali Chya”. The Movie was based on spreading awareness  about right to information and empowering the people at the grass roots. The  movie screening was followed by a panel discussion. The panel comprised of  luminaries like Dr. Aruna Pendse, Reader Department of Political Science  University of Mumbai, Yashwant Oak Producer of the Movie and Mayank  Gandhi-Mumbai Co-ordinator of ‘India against Corruption’. The full packed  auditorium of the college proved to be a testimony to the grand success of the  progarmme. Thus Samnvay and We the People ended on a promising note where  students could enjoy at the same and learn a lot from all the academically  oriented events.  
          Head of the  Department of Political Science  
          Vaibhavi Palsule