Ph. D program is available in subjects listed below. For more details about the area of interest, no of students, research schemes, research publication etc of individual guides, visit Research pages of this website

Subject Sanctioned capacity*# Registered students* Guide/s
Botany 10 7

Dr Mrs. B Patel

Dr. Mrs. S Shailajan

Dr. Mrs. J Pius

Dr. Mrs. B. Narula

Zoology 20 13

Dr. Mrs. R Sivabalan

DR S. Menon

Dr. S Bhagwat

Chemistry 60 35

Dr. J N Gadre

Dr. S. R. Pednekar

Organic Chemistry

Dr. K. Mangaonkar

Dr. S S Kamat

Dr. P. A. Sathe

Dr. Mrs. V Dighe

Dr. Vikas Viadya

Dr. Manish Hate

Analytical Chemistry
Microbiology 10 3

Dr R P Phadke

Dr. D Vora

*Note: The number in column 2 & 3 are no of total no of both M Sc & Ph D research students.

@ Dr K Mangaonkar has now joined Mithibai College as Principal
# The sanctioned capacity indicative of maximum permissible number. It is not mandatory for college to fill up the vacancies. The actual no of research students taken up depends on the availability of guide, research funds /grants available. Please note that all teachers listed are involved mainly in undergraduate teaching.

Salient features of the program
  • Students can join anytime, through out the year. The admission to this program for a qualified student depends on the availability of research seats in the given laboratory and the selection by respective guide.
  • Quality research work undertaken in collaboration with industry and other research institutes gives students excellent opportunity to work closely with active industry sponsored projects.
  • On an average it takes, depending on the subject, guide and students, anywhere between 3 to 5 years to complete the work and all formalities associated with this course.
  • Research students also get opportunity to develop their academic skill

Overview of steps to be taken for registration
  • Prospective student should meet different guides available in their subject and explore possibilities
  • IF your M. Sc. is one subject and you wish to do Ph D in another related subject, get your eligibility for that subject confirmed from the University. Also students from different universities should also get provisional eligibility from the University. List of approved guides in any given subject is available with PG section, Fort Campus of University of Mumbai.
  • Student can select guides from the list for his program and approach the specified guides for discussion.
  • Once the guide decides to accept a students and college authorities approve it, (depending on the availability of seats and funding) , student is required to prepare a research proposal in a designated format under the guidance of guide and submit it to the University through college office for approval.
  • R & R committee of the university will scrutinize it. If accepted by this committee, student can register for Ph D with university through college office and take formal admission to the college. (Remember that these two are separate processes)
  • Student can work on his research problem under the direction of guide for a mandatory minimum period of approximately 4 terms.
  • Once the research work is over, student can prepare the synopsis of his thesis in a specified format and submit it to university. At the time of this submission students should clear all university dues and complete other paper work like confirmation of eligibility etc.
  • Within 6 months of submission of synopsis student is required to submit the final thesis in specified format.
  • In about 2 to 3 months time university will get reports of the examiners and if favourable will arrange for a viva voce examination where the guide and external referee will act as examiners and based on performance and thesis contents will decide whether the thesis is suitable for granting the degree.
  • Results will be communicated to student usually in about 15 days.
  • If declared successful students is now M.Sc in that subject and should apply for degree certificate when university announces convocation (twice every year)