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Project based learning
  • Enzymology: Enzymology is included in SY syllabus. With the help of supporting practicals, students can get a better insight into the various aspects of enzymes. Thus this can become a project based learning experience for the students.
    Expected outcome: The students should be able to standardize methods for assays of different enzymes from different sources. They should be comfortable in using databases and find relevant information of protein and nucleic acid sequences, protein structures and its relation to its functions and its localization.

  • Molecular Biology: To prepare the students for TY syllabus, this includes Molecular Biology in details.
    Expected outcome: Students should be able to extract DNA, separate it by electrophoresis, be able to amplify DNA, use restriction enzymes and get fingerprint

Value addition practical
  • Proteomics: Both SY and FY students have theoretical aspects of separation techniques: salting out, centrifugation, electrophoresis and so on. Hence with the help of these sequential set of experiments they will get hands on training on the extraction, salting out, dialysis, electrophoresis and 2 dimensional electrophoresis techniques.
    Expected outcome: The students should e able to use separation techniques in an effective way and also be able to use databases, find sequence of proteins and other details by Bioinformatics.

  • Microtomy and Histochemistry: Methodology of microtomy, dehydration and infiltration of paraffin, sectioning, solubalization of paraffin, staining and mounting.
    Expected Outcome: training for permanent slide preparation, which is one of the objective of life science.