Project based learning

Plant Tissue Culture

  • Callus induction, differentiation
  • Micro propagation
  • In vitro Secondary metabolite production

Plant Breeding

Elements of polyploidy & mutation breeding of plants to illustrate basic techniques adopted under the field / polyhouse conditions.


Biodiversity and study of flora and fauna

Additional value addition practical

Algal Biotechnology

Screening and Analysis for nutrient elements and heavy metals, Mass Cultivation


Extraction of Phytoconstituents from

  • Plant Raw Materials
  • ASU Formulations
  • Phytochemical extraction using Harborne

Standardization of ASU Drugs and raw materials

  • Preparation of ASU formulations as formularies
  • Pharmacognostic evaluation
  • Physico-chemical evaluation
  • Proximate analysis
  • Heavy metal analysis


High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography

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