Courses offered
Sr. No. Courses offered
1 B.Sc. - Biochemistry
2 M.Sc. - Biochemistry (By Papers)
3 M.Sc. - Biochemistry (By Research)
4 Add-on Diploma in Food Science and Quality Control (UGC Recognized)(Offered to students of Biochemistry ONLY)

Sr. No. Short-term Certificate Courses offered
1 Sensory Evaluation of Food
2 Food Preservation
3 Frontiers in Biochemistry
4 Food Preservation
5 Good Manufacturing Practices in Food Industry
About our Subject
  • Represents the most dynamic and contemporary area of Science today.
  • Offered to the Students in conjunction with Chemistry and Botany as a Single major option.
  • We are the only Department to offer a UGC Sponsored Add-on Advanced Diploma in Food Science and Quality Control.
  • 8 Week attachment program with Industry.
  • Training at premier research Institutes in the Country.

Our Teaching Staff

Dr. Jyoti D.Vora (Head)
Ph.D, Post Doctoral in Biochemistry, NET cleared, Recognized Research Guide and Examiner, Board of Studies Member of three Universities, Widely traveled and lectured at overseas Universities, many Research papers and Review articles, Full Voting Member of TWOWS, Freelance journalist.

Mr. Prashant M. Masali
Post Graduate in Biochemistry, Examiner in Post Graduate and Graduate Examinations in Dietetics and Biochemistry, Active Researcher with interests in Phytochemicals and Environmental Science.

Ms. Vidhi Shah
Post Graduate in Biochemistry, Research interest in study of Chick pea biochemistry and educational perspectives in Indian women, Floral Biochemistry.

Ms. Rini Ravindran
University Topper and Post Graduate in Biochemistry, Research interest in Nutrition, Floral Biochemistry, Phytochemistry and Nutraceuticals.

Ms. Manasi Padate
Post Graduate in Biochemistry, NET cleared with LS, Research interest in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Research and Consultancy

Industrial collaboration with: Gramoday India Ltd.

Ross International Life-sciences Ltd.

Equinox Labs.

Research interests

Dr. Jyoti D.Vora.
(Recognized Research Guide For MSc - Biochemistry & Bioanalytical Sciences PhD - Bioanalytical Sciences )

Enzymology, Plant Physiology, Metrology, Nutrition & Dietetics, Nutraceuticals & Fermentation, Behavioural Anthropology

Continuous enhancement of Educational Profile through:
  • Attendance of National and International Seminars
  • Attendance of different Workshops
  • Organization of Workshops

  • A celebration of gastronomy spanning two days
  • Includes Curtain raiser essay competition for FYBSc and SYBSc
  • Department also releases a Composite recipe book every year
  • Glittering Chief guests from the Research and Industry inaugurate the event
  • We aim at increasing the overall proficiency of the students in order to groom them into Entrepreneurs and hone their organizational and managerial skills.

‘USP’ of the Department
  • Dual qualification profile
  • First person individual industrial attachment
  • Impeccable credentials of staff and students
  • Cohesive and holistic development of students through academic extra curricular and extra mural activities.
  • Emphatic research culture and industry interaction
  • Value addition programs
“Biochemistry is the language in which God wrote the Universe”