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Brief Description of Department

The Department of Microbiology at RamnarainRuia Autonomous College, established in 1977, is one of the highly rated departments under College of Excellence Scheme by the University Grants Commission, N. Delhi, (UGC). It is also one of the departments recognized under Star Status by Department of Biotechnology(DBT), GOI. The Department provides quality education, through both teaching and research, necessary to meet the needs of this growing field. The Department of Microbiology has an excellent track record of academic excellence, a student progression to PG studies of 90-95% and an exceptional list of achievements in curricular and cocurricular activities

The Unique Serving Pursuits (USP’s) of the department are:

  • Use of ICT in teaching learning- E-Classroom, Lab computers, Google groups, Google Drive.
  • Strong Alumni Linkage -The department boasts of illustrious alumni who are well placed all over the globe and they continue to support the department and its students through different platforms.
  • Research Culture from UG level-Students are exposed to research culture from undergraduate level through small research projects, several of which are presented and have won accolades at research meets at zonal and state level.
  • Hands on training with all instruments- The Department is well equipped with instrumentation facility and students are encouraged to handle them right from UG level
  • Year- long activities-Department conducts various value - added certificate courses and workshops in Diwali as well as summer breaks to better equip the students for further studies or employment. also during vacations
  • Innovative Teaching Learning Methods- Flip the classroom, Pre-lab post lab, Critical thinking, case study- based approach.
  • Unique interactive atmosphere – second home to students and staff
  • Value Added services- Summer Schools, Workshops, Research Projects, Brain Storming, Skill development in multiple areas.
  • Active mentoring system- Department has an active student mentoring at formal and informal level, involving parents & access to counselor is provided whenever required.

Microbiology is a discipline of science that examines microbes. Microbes, small organisms that require microscopic tools for visualization, encompass bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi and protozoa. This discipline includes fundamental studies on the biochemistry, physiology, cell biology, ecology, evolution and clinical aspects of microorganisms, including the host response (immune responses) to these agents and applied studies on Soil Microbiology, Water and Sewage Microbiology, Food and Industrial Microbiology.

The UG Curriculum designed by the department gradually exposes the student to all the above areas of Microbiology in a graded manner, over the three years. The course also introduces modern concepts like ‘omics’ ‘Gene manipulation’ and ‘Bioinformatics’ along with basic principles of classical and modern analytical techniques used for studying microorganisms or their processes. The curriculum also ensures that the student develops the right laboratory skills such that he/she is job ready.

The PG curriculum extensively deals with all the branches with certain topics like Cell biology, Biochemistry, Genetics dealt at a considerable depth.Topics like Research Methodology introduce the student to several aspects like experimental planning, and statistical tools for analysis and helps students with research aptitude to design and solve research problems. Applied Microbiology topics like Environmental Microbiology, Food, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Microbiology are included so that the studentsinterested in pursuing a profession in industry are appraised of practices followed by the industry and can pave way to their entry there.

  • 3 UG/PG smart Laboratories
  • 1 smart classroom
  • Microfluidics Laboratory
  • 4 Dedicated Enclosed roomswith Bio-safety Cabinets
  • Instrumentation facility
  • Departmental Library with wide subject coverage having more than 1500 books
Undergraduate Courses Offered by Department
Programme Name B.Sc.
Degree/Diploma/Certificate Degree
Aided/Self-Financed Aided
Year of Starting 1977
Intake Capacity 60 students

Post-Graduate Courses Offered by Department
Programme Name M. Sc (By Papers)
Degree/Diploma/Certificate Post Graduate Degree
Aided/Self-Financed Self-Financed
Year of Starting 2008
Intake Capacity 20 students

Post-Graduate Courses Offered by Department
Programme Name M. Sc (Research)
Degree/Diploma/Certificate Degree
Aided/Self-Financed Self-Financed
Year of Starting 1977
Intake Capacity 10 students
Programme Name PhD
Degree/Diploma/Certificate Degree
Aided/Self-Financed Self-Financed
Year of Starting 1977
Intake Capacity 10 students
Dr. Anushree Lokur HOD, Associate Professor PhD Microfludics, IPR
Dr. Varsha Shukla Associate Professor PhD Microbial Biofilms, Quorum sensing
Mr. Vidyadhar Tupe Associate Professor MSc Endophytes
Dr. Mayuri Rege DST INSPIRE faculty PhD Genome Engineering, Epigenetics
Mr. Swapnil Pradhan Associate Professor MSc Biochemistry
Mr. Sachin Rajagopalan Associate Professor MSc Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Ms. Shveta Tiwari Associate Professor MSc Genetics and Food Microbiology
Ms. Mugdha Kulkarni Associate Professor MSc
Ms. Nabila Kachi Associate Professor MSc
Mr. Vijay Dalvi
Laboratory Assistant
Mr. Dasharath Juwale
Laboratory Attendant
Mr. Suhas Rane
Laboratory Attendant
Mr. Anilkumar Sauda
Laboratory Attendant
Mr. Sanjay Shinde
Laboratory Attendant
Mr .Dashrath Varishe
Laboratory Attendant

Guest Lectures

  • Dr. Rupa Murthy, Senior Specialist Virologist, Latifa Hospital, Dubai Health Authority, Dubai - "Communicable Diseases- Selected Viruses & their Diagnosis" 5th August 2017
  • Dr. Benedict Mascarenhas, Chairman and Managing Director of EnvisBE solutions Pvt Ltd - ‘IPR and Patents” 29th March 2017
  • Dr. Avinash Shenoy Lecturer in Molecular Microbiology, MRC Centre for Molecular Bacteriology & Infection, Imperial College London- Host Immunity & Bacterial Evasion: A Quest for New Answers 21st Jan 2017
  • Dr. Bhavin Shah, Post- doctoral fellow at Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Germany delivered a lecture on ‘How neurons polarize?’ 9th January 2016
  • Dr. Arnob Dutta, Post Doc fellow, Stower’s Institute for Medical Research, Kansas City, MO, USA, on ‘ A switch in Swi / Snf regulating remodeler recruitment to genes’ 21st January 2015

Seminars Organised

Half a Day Seminar in honor of retiring teachers, Dr. R.P. Phadke and Ms. UrmiPalan 23rd December 2017 Dr. Yogesh Shouche , Principal investigator,NCCS-Pune – ‘Microbiology In This Century’
Dr. Sulabha Pathak, Research Associate, TIFR, -‘Malarial Parasite and the Game of One Up Man Ship’
Half a Day Seminar in honor of retiring teacher Ms. Leena Phadke 26th June 2016 Dr. Tanuja Teni, Principal Investigator and Assistant Professor at ACTREC, Kharghjar, Navi Mumbai ,-‘Molecular insights into anti-apoptopic Mcl-1 and surviving in Human oral Cancers’
Dr. Manisha Premnath, General Manager, Venture Centre, Pune-‘Science Entrepreneurship’

Workshops Organized

  • Microfludics Workshop
  • Enzymology Workshop
  • Experimental Design and Planning
  • Electrophoretic Techniques
  • The department regularly conducts Lab Common Sense workshops for UG students
  • Gowardhan Cheese factory and Bhagyashreee dairy farm, Manchar, Pune
  • Maneesh Pharmaceuticals, Govandi, Mumbai
  • Sula Vineyards, Nasik
  • Suyogit Biotech (Mushroom Farm), Nasik
  • Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Nasik
  • Common Effluent Treatment Plant, MIDC, Khairane
  • Biogenomics Ltd, Thane

A group of current S.Y.B.Sc. students will represent the country at the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition in Boston in October 2018. The team is led by DST-Inspire faculty Dr. Mayuri Rege and is working on a proposal selected among the top five in the country by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT, India) with a grant of Rs. 10 Lakhs. The project focuses on solving a widespread issue in India- that of cleaning paan stains

  • 2 UG alumni selected for Prestigious Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship
  • 1 UG alumnus selected for the prestigious Khorana Fellowship
  • PhD research student selected for 9 months training at Technical University of Ilmeanu, Thuringia, Germany
  • Co-curricular – State Level MicrobioOlympiad- First Prize and Gold medal 2015, 2016 and 2017, Prizes at inter Collegiate Competition-20
  • Research Meets- SelectBio International Conference- Best Poster, State Level Avishkar – First Prize-1, Selection- 2, Sajjan Gupta Memorial-Konark Research meet- Prize-4, Jigyasa Research Meet-Prize -6
  • 10 Students completed Summer training at institutes like CCMB, Delhi University, MSU, NCCS, Bose Institute, IIT, NCL, IISER
Academic Year Student Name Companies
2017-18 Ruhi Dighe Blue Star
2016-17 Asma Shaikh Model College
Divya Parmar TCS
Shrushti Kolambekar Taj Lands' End
Janhavi Deo Unilever
Sanika Sarnaik Blue Star
Siddhi Alegaonkar Hi Media
  • Dr. Avinash Shenoy – Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College, London
  • Dr. Vinay Tergaonkar – Research Director, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, a-Star, Singapore, Professor, National University of Singapore
  • Dr. Nitin Baliga – SVP and Director, Institute of Systems Biology, Seattle
  • Dr. Mohamedi Kagalwala, Co-Founder & CSO, Siragen Pharmaceuticals, SanDiego
  • Dr. Laxminarayan Iyer – Staff Scientist, NCBI, NIH
  • Dr. Sobha Subramanium – Assistant Teaching Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Dr. Manisha Premnath – GM, Venture Centre, NCL, Pune
  • Dr. Shashwati Basak – Associate Research Director, Origin Discovery Technologies, Bengaluru
  • Dr. Gaurav Moghe, Assistant Professor, Cornell University
  • Dr. Maitreyi Das, Assistant Professor, BCMB, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Dr. Annamma Anil Odenath – Associate Professor, ICT, Mumbai
  • Dr. Jyoti Kode – Scientific Officer, ACTREC, Mumbai
  • Dr. Nilima Khairatkar Joshi – Senior VP, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Mumbai
  • Dr. Archana Krishnan, Director, Biogenomics Ltd, Thane
  • Dr. Manjiri Bakre, Founder & CEO, OncoStem Diagnostics Pvt ltd
  • Dr. Rahul Warke, Director, HiMedia, Mumbai
  • Dr. Nilesh Amritkar, Managing Director, Envirocare Labs, Thane
  • Dr. Deepa Bhajekar – Managing Director, D Technology Pvt Ltd
  • Dr. Sachin Tendulkar – Associate Director, CiplaLtd
  • Dr. Beena Pillai – Scientist, Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology(CSIR), N. Delhi
  • Dr. Rajesh Patkar, Ramalingaswami Fellow, MS University of Baroda
  • Dr. Vinaya Sampath, Senior Post Doctoral Associate, Stony Brooke University
  • Archana Shukla – Assistant Editor, Rural Affairs, Pharmaceuticals At CNBC- TV18
  • Dhiraj Wazir, Head of Interconnect and Roaming Enablers, Everything Everywhere Ltd, UK