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Brief Description of Department

Department of Bioanalytical Sciences was established in the year 2004. Ramnarain Ruia College was the first college in the country to establish the highly pragmatic M.Sc. Bioanalytical Sciences under the Innovative Courses of University Grants Commission. Department is actively involved in interdisciplinary research which involves collaborative research with other departments of College. This includes Research at Undergraduate level under the auspices of star college Scheme by DBT, Govt of India.

Mission of the Department

To cultivate scientific temper in Students by:

  • Embracing the interdisciplinary nature of Biosciences
  • Conducting basic research emphasizing on experiential learning
  • Exhibiting the highest standards of moral and civic responsibilities of the profession

The core objective of the Department is to develop trained manpower in the field of Bioanalysis. Bioanalysis is an interdisciplinary science that deals with the quantitative measurement of xenobiotics (drugs and their metabolites, and biological molecules in unnatural locations or concentrations) and biotics (macromolecules, proteins, DNA, large molecule drugs, metabolites) in biological systems.

Department has several industry linkages which contribute towards the holistic progress of the students.

M.Sc. In Bioanalytical Sciences

Pragmatic Course established by Ruia College, under Innovative programmes funded by UGC in the year 2004 Amalgamation of different systems of medicine, sophisticated instrumentation and modern fields like Proteomics, Genomics and Bioinformatics Course appreciated by students and Industry

Ramnarain Ruia College has been at the forefront in envisaging innovative courses, designed to bridge the gap between academia and Industry. M.Sc. in Bioanalytical Sciences, introduced in 2004, is one such pragmatic, contemporary and dynamic course followed by the Five Year Integrated M.Sc. in Bioanalytical Sciences in 2010.

Integrated M.Sc. Degree course In Bioanalytical Sciences (Five Year)

This is an integrated course which offers B.Sc. as well as M.Sc. degrees

  • Highly contemporary course designed by Industry Professionals and Eminent Academicians, Researchers
  • Amalgamation of Pure Sciences and Applied Sciences
  • Trained professionals after completion of M.Sc. degree
  • Specialization in Bioanalysis, Nutraceuticals & Bioinformatics

Salient Features of the Courses:

  • Program designed by distinguished professionals and experts drawn from varied professional backgrounds to impart high quality Science education in a vibrant academic ambience with a faculty of distinguished Teachers and Scientists
  • Modular learning with credit based evaluation
  • Clear knowledge of the underlying concepts of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computational Sciences for the first three years
  • Amalgamation of classical and modern analytical chemical techniques with state-of-the-art genomic and proteomic technologies and analysis
  • Developing essential practical research skills, strengthening the presentation and communication skills through industry training/projects at undergraduate level, industrial visits, interactions with research institutes
  • Research Projects, Summer Internships and Industrial Training

USPs of The department:

  • Young, Dynamic core faculty representing Different streams of Science
  • Learning Objective and Learning Outcome in lectures and practicals
  • Hands on training on sophisticated analytical instruments
  • Research at undergraduate level- Indoctrinate interpretations of various problems
  • Experiential Learning

Teaching Learning Methodologies:

  • POGIL based sessions (e.g. Technical Communication, Drug Act & Regulation)
  • Comparative approach in practicals/concepts
  • Group Discussions – grow together….
  • Alumni teaching few topics apart from syllabus
Post-Graduate Courses Offered by Department
Programme Name M.Sc. Degree course In Bioanalytical Sciences
Degree/Diploma/Certificate Degree
Aided/Self-Financed Self-Financed
Year of Starting 2004
Intake Capacity 20 students

Post-Graduate Courses Offered by Department
Programme Name Integrated M.Sc. Degree course In Bioanalytical Sciences
Degree/Diploma/Certificate Degree (B.SC+M.Sc)
Aided/Self-Financed Self-Financed
Year of Starting 2010
Intake Capacity 60 students

Certificate Courses Offered by Department
Programme Name Certificate Course in Pharmacovigilance
Degree/Diploma/Certificate Certificate Course
Aided/Self-Financed Self-Financed
Year of Starting 2017
Intake Capacity 20 students
Mr. Sachin Palekar Assistant Professor & Head M.Sc.( Botany), PhD.( Thesis Submitted) Phytochemistry, Proteomics, Ayurveda and Bioanalytical Techniques
Ms. Nandini Sathe Course Coordinator M.Sc.(Bioanalytical Sc) Pursuing PhD Bioanalytical Techniques
Ms. Sandhya Menon Course Coordinator M.Sc.( Life Sc) Pursuing PhD Life Science & applied Biology
Ms. Himani Vaishanav Assistant Professor M.Sc. Chemistry Organic Chemistry
Ms. Vrushali Patil Assistant Professor MTech. In Bioinformatics Computational Biology
Ms. Ashwini Joshi Assistant Professor & Head M.Sc.(Bioanalytical Sc) Analytical Instrumentation & Statistics
Ms.Sayali Kadge Assistant Professor & Head M.Sc. Microbiology Microbiology
Ms. Dhanahsree Joshi Assistant Professor & Head M.Sc. Microbiology Microbiology
Mr.Vaibhav Kanse
Laboratory Assistant
Mr.Sachin Sawant
Laboratory Assistant
Mr. Sanjay Chawaria
Laboratory Assistant
Mr.Vilas Khare
Laboratory Assistant

Senior Visiting Faculty

  • Dr. Ajit Datar, Senior Adviser, Shimadzu India Pvt Ltd
  • Dr. Mary Francis, Director, CRIMSON
  • Dr. Aditi Bhugra, Asst.Manager, Glenmark
  • Dr. Shreeram Oak, National Manager, Brucker India Pvt.Ltd
  • Dr. Asmita Nimkar, Senior Pharma Consultant
  • Dr. Anjali Apte-Deshpande, Director, CDPL
  • Mr. Subodh Chavhan, Biozest Consultancy

Faculty Training:

  • Mr. Sachin B Palekar acquired Training at Central Dogma Pvt Ltd. Pune on Advanced Molecular Biology
  • Developed specialized experimental kits for all Biological Sciences departments of college in collaboration with Central Dogma Pvt. Ltd (e.g. Study of Transformation, Detection of GMO by PCR, Plant DNA Extraction, RFLP in Bioanalysis)
  • Training of the faculty members from Biological Sciences for effective use of the kits during Practicals ( 6 faculty members one representing each Bioscience)
  • 4 Faculty members from Bioanalytical Sciences acquired training on various analytical Instruments and equipments such as Turbidometer, TDS analyzer, DO meter, Rotary vacuum evaporator

Workshops Organized

  • Analytical Techniques in Genomics and Proteomics

    3 day workshop was organized for undergraduate students of the biological sciences for hands on training from 27th -29th December 2016
    No of participants: 16

  • Recombinant Expression of Therapeutic Protein

    4 days workshop was conducted in collaboration with Central Dogma Pvt Ltd from 8th-11th August 2017.
    No of participants: 37

  • Workshop on Physicochemical analysis of Effluent water (02 workshops)

    3 day workshop was conducted for SYBVoc students of Pharma-analytical Sciences at the department of Bioanalytical Sciences, Ruia College Students were exposed to hands on training on instruments such as TDS Analyzer, Turbidometer, Nephelometer, Flame Photometer, DO meter etc.
    No of participants: 16

  • Hands on training Workshop on Tablet testing:

    3 day workshop was conducted for TYBSc students of Bioanalytical Sciences Students were trained on Dissolution, Disintegration, Hardness and Friability tests of commercially available tablets
    No of participants: 41

  • 85% students placed reputed Pharma and Pharma aligned Industries, 5 students registered for Ph.D.
  • Few pursuing education overseas in Universities of UK, Germany
  • Students attended many state and national level workshops on Advances in Biosciences

Cipla (08), Lupin (09) ,Watson Pharma (02),Quintiles (09), Cognizant technologies CDM & Medical Writing (02), Us Vitamins(08) Glenmark (01), GenPact Consultancies (02), Envirocare (02), Ruia College (02), Centaur Pharmaceutical(01), Zazen Pharma(01),TCS(02), IPCA(02), Marico(01), Shimadzu (02)