The College offers a wide range of options at the undergraduate level .There are 105 subject combinations available at the FYBA level. The combinations are offered according to requisite number of students in a subject. The Arts faculty comprises 12 full-fledged departments as under:


  1. Commerce
  2. Economics
  3. English
  4. French
  5. Hindi
  6. History
  7. Philosophy
  8. Political Science
  9. Marathi
  10. Sanskrit
  11. Psychology (up to SYBA)


  1. BMM (English & Marathi Medium)
  2. Psychology (only for TYBA)


First Year BA (FYBA): 6 Courses

  1. Foundation Course
  2. Compulsory English (Communication Skills)
  3. One Compulsory Language other than English
  4. Any one of the following combinations
    1. Economics, Politics, History
    2. Politics, History, One optional Language
    3. Politics, Psychology, One optional Language
    4. Politics, two optional Languages
    5. History, Two optional Languages
    6. Psychology, Optional Marathi, Optional Sanskrit
    7. Economics, Commerce, Psychology
    8. Economics, Commerce, History
    9. Economics, Commerce, One optional Language
    10. Economics, Mathematics, Statistics
    11. Economics, Commerce, Statistics
    12. Philosophy, Politics, History
    13. Philosophy, Psychology, Politics
    14. Philosophy, Psychology, One Optional Language
    15. Philosophy, Optional English, Optional French

Second Year BA (SYBA): 8 Courses

Compulsory Course:

  1. Foundation Course : Paper II, 6 Courses: 2 Courses in each of the 3 optional subjects, studied in the first year of the course.
  2. Applied Component from one of the following- Investment Analysis, Journalism, Mass Communication and Gandhism. For Marathi Medium, Gandhism is compulsory.

Third Year BA (TYBA): Entire

Six Courses in any one of the optional subjects offered at the second year of which 2 Courses are of an applied nature related to the core subject OR Three Courses each in any two optional subjects offered at the second year (1 paper is of an applied nature related to each of the 2 core subjects).

The subjects (Entire) and subject-combinations (Double major) offered are as follows:

  1. English
  2. Marathi
  3. Hindi
  4. Sanskrit
  5. French
  6. Political Science
  7. Philosophy
  8. Economics
  9. History
  10. Mathematics
  11. Psychology
  12. Economics- Commerce
  13. Economics- Political Science
  14. Economics-History
  15. Economics-Statistics
  16. History - Political Science
  17. Marathi - Economics
  18. Marathi - Political Science
  19. Hindi -History
  20. Hindi- Political Science


For Marathi medium students at TYBA, the following combinations are offered:

  1. Marathi - History
  2. Economics - Political Science
  3. Political Science- History
  4. Economics - History
  5. Hindi - History


‘Commerce’ subject as an option for Arts students was introduced by University of Mumbai to expand the career horizon of the students from Arts stream. It includes topics on Business, Marketing, Human Resource, Banking, Insurance, Finance, Exports and so on. It covers theory papers only and does not include accounts, mathematics or statistics to make it an easier option for students.